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Master took me straight to the ensuite, and put me on the floor of the shower, kneeling next to me and gently scrubbing all the cum off my body and face. I sobbed and whimpered for a while, feeling my body ease back from being stretched and fucked so hard. I also clung to Master’s arm, his hand, any part of his skin I could touch. He stroked my hair and my face as he washed me clean.

“Babygirl, I am so so proud of you. That was amazing. I know you were scared, and I know this was a big deal, so thank you for showing me how good you can be for me. You did everything they said, and you did a great job too. I could tell how hard it was for you, but you didn’t struggle, you didn’t argue, you just obeyed.”

He slid his thumb into my mouth, cupping my face with his hand and smiling slightly as I began sucking it.

“And babygirl, I saw that you did struggle, that you worried whether you were supposed to do everything they said. I want you to remember that I am always looking after you. If I’ve told you to do something, you can trust that it’s for the right reasons, and that I am in control of the situation. Those men were told they could use all your holes however they wanted, that they could hurt you but not leave any marks, that they could be as mean as they wanted. But I did tell them about what was off limits, and you know they didn’t do anything you can’t take. So you need to realise – you can trust me to never put you in dangerous situations.”

He pulled his thumb out and rubbed gently against my clit.

“So I want you to understand that your night isn’t over yet.”

I jumped slightly – from the tingling in my clit and from his words. But before I could protest, he kept talking.

“You need to know that this is going to happen – we’ve talked about sharing, and this is the first night, and I want it to be a good one for you. So there will be more, and I want you to remember: whatever happens, it’s because I am in control. So there’s no reason for you to do anything but obey. I promise at the end of the night, you come home with me, and just me.”

He slipped his thumb from my clit into my ass. I whimpered softly.


“Yes Master,” I whispered.

He bent down and kissed me, slowly, tenderly, leaving me gasping and pushing against his thumb in my ass.

“Good girl. Now dry yourself off and come back to the bedroom with me. You’ll see what comes next.”