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“God look at her. That’s a fine body.” This was the man over by the door.

“And he said she’s obedient. He’s been training her, so we shouldn’t have any problems.” On the bed.

“Well I want to have a closer look at this whore we’ve bought. I want to see what we’re getting.” He walked over to me, casually, slowly, looking me up and down. “Come on, spread those legs, whore.”

I spread as far as I could without even hesitating. All I could think was that I needed to be a good girl, an obedient girl, to make my Master happy.

He pulled my top off, ran a leg up my thigh, and took a step closer so I could feel the hardness of his cock against my skirt. He kept running his hand up until he reached my panties. “Mmm, lacy,” he whispered into my ear. His fingers stroked across my mound, and found the hole in the crotchless panties. He laughed delightedly. “Boys, come look at this. She’s wearing the sluttiest panties ever. We’ve got to get started, she’s definitely ready.”

I cursed silently as I felt the cunt juice seeping out of me. He was going to think I was just a common slut who he could have no respect for, not the treasured slave of my Master. The other men came over and I felt their hands under my skirt, pinching and prodding.

“Brilliant, that’s just brilliant. He wasn’t lying, if she’s wearing panties like this she won’t put up any fight.”

“Look how wet she is, too. I’m fucking you with my finger, whore, how do you like it? You like it, right?”

I was swaying on my feet, and wished my Master was here to hold me up and tell me I was doing a good job.

Instead, the three men pushed and pulled me to the bed, throwing me down onto it on my stomach. My skirt flipped up as I landed.

“Oh nice – those panties give us access to her pussy and her ass. So nice. I want to start.”

“Fuck yeah, she’s had some foreplay, she’s nice and wet. We’ve got to start fucking this slut.”

I heard three zips, and they were taking off their pants. I looked behind me, and got a smack on the ass. “Face down, bitch. You don’t move til we tell you.”

By now I was starting to get worried. I looked up again, I just couldn’t stop myself. Out of nowhere, I heard Master’s voice. “Babygirl, do I need to come over there and remind you of your role?” He was clearly in the room – he must have slipped back in. If he was watching, and approving what was going on, then what choice did I have. “No Master. I’ll be a good little slut.”

The men laughed and laughed. “Fucking amazing. She really is amazing. And I bet she’s going to be a good little fuck, too.”

I guess all pleasantries were over now. One man got on the bed in front of me on his back. “Come on slut, get up here.”

I crawled up the bed and hesitated once I was between his legs. Did he want me to give him oral, or what?

“Suck it. Just suck it. Don’t make me wait.”

I quickly got to it, instinctively taking it way down the back of my throat as Master had taught me. “Oh yes, that’s it. You good little cocksucker.” He gripped my hair and began with long strokes in and out of my mouth. I was held steady by his hand, and felt one of the other men spreading my ass cheeks. Pretty soon there was a cock nudging at my cunt, and again, instinctively, I pushed back against it. I couldn’t believe what I was doing – this was everything a good girl does not do – submitting sexually to strange men, letting three of them use her at once, not stopping them as they treated her like a whore. This is was totally wrong, but my Master had told me to obey, and it was easier to just be a good babygirl, than worry about being a good girl. I kept pushing back.

“Jesus, look at her. She really wants it. She’s fucking me all by herself. Go on, go for it, show me how bad you want it.”

I moaned around the other man’s cock, hating myself a bit as I started to really rock back and forth on the tip of his cock. The third man reached under me and grabbed one of my swinging breasts. “Okay, I’ve got her steady. Now fuck her already.”

And it began. Suddenly the slow rhythmic thrusts into my mouth were fast, brutal face fucking choking thrusts. My cunt was spread open and pounded into, my cunt juices making his entry slick and easy. I gave up any idea of resistance, and reminded myself that my Master was watching and wanted to see me be good.

The fucking continued, as did the abuse. The man fucking my cunt slapped my ass repeatedly and gripped my hips so tight I couldn’t try to brace myself against his cock. The man on the bed held my ponytail with one hand and with the other he played with pinching my nose and slapping my face. My breasts were gripped, twisted, mauled, pinched, scratched, until I was in agony. And the whole time they kept talking. “Jesus, she is tight back here. Incredible.” “You like this? This is why you came tonight, right?” “I can almost get all my cock in her mouth. Come on, open wider whore, I know you can.”

Around the time I was just waiting for it all to end, it suddenly did. They went silent, pulled out and away from me, and let me collapse onto the bed. They hadn’t cummed, and it became obvious why. They shifted positions, and the man who had been fucking my face pulled me up to lie on top of him. “Hey baby,” he said as our eyes met. “Not a bad blowjob. Now I get to see how tight your cunt really is.”

“Master!” I managed to whimper.

“Babygirl, everything they’re doing to you, everything they’re going to do to you – I’ve done worse. And you’ve begged for more. By obeying them, you’re obeying me. If I say to do it, you’d do it, right? So you listen to them, and you do what they say. I’m not going to stop them.”

“Fucking right he’s not – he told us what you are, and what you want; we’re just using you like the slut you are, and we’re allowed to do whatever we want. You’re going to suck my cock, and you’re going to lie there and let it happen, because that’s what you’re here for.” With that I tasted my own cunt juices, slick on his cock as it entered my mouth. I didn’t hesitate; I started swirling my tongue around his shaft and up to the head. “Perfect. Keep doing that, just like that.”

The man underneath me thrust up into my cunt with his cock, wet with my own spit. He grabbed my tits and began pinching my nipples with his nails. I knew he was trying to distract me, but I didn’t let him. I just kept swirling my tongue around the cock in my mouth while whimpering ever so slightly around the edges.

It wasn’t as easy to focus as I felt the third man’s cock press against my asshole. “Guys, this is soo tight. What a combination – such a slut, but such a tight ass.” With his hands on my ass cheeks, he got himself into position and began to push inside me. I had no clue what to expect, except for pain. Sure enough, the stretching began, and the pressure on my cunt was intense. I lost focus on the oral, and was rewarded for this with a slap in the face, and the cock pushed down the back of my throat. “Come on, slut. Suck.” He started to fuck my face, as the third man worked his cock further into my ass. I desperately tried to relax into it, but I was being bounced around by the man under me fucking me like crazy. Then the ass-fucking began – and I could feel the tears coming. I began to sob around the cock in my mouth, my throat. Then suddenly I heard Master’s voice in my ear. “Good girl. Goooood girl. That’s it. Let them in. Let them use you.” I felt his palm on my back, stroking me and then gripping the back of my neck gently. “Go on. Let it happen. Feel it stretch you open. Remember who you serve. Gooood girl. You look so beautiful right now.”

I listened to his voice and tried to block out the sounds of the other men – their bodies slapping against me, their groans and grunts, their muttered sounds – “fuck she’s tight” – “what a slut” – “look at how much she can take”. I couldn’t block out the feelings though – the stretching, ripping, tearing, burning, thrusting, scratching, gouging, slapping. I couldn’t stop the tears, but I just kept listening to Master’s voice to get me through it. “You’re my beautiful little slut, and it’s so wonderful to see you behave like one. Keep going, don’t resist it. Feel those cocks in you, let it happen to you, because you deserve it. Because you’re mine. You’re my dirty little babygirl.”

Then suddenly the cock was pulled out of my mouth. The man groaned as he masturbated, and I gasped for air, my mouth and lips slick with pre-cum and drool. “Come on guys, get her on her back.”

I felt Master leave me then, he walked away and I started to panic. “Master!” All I got for that was a stinging slap across my face. “Shut the fuck up!”

The man behind me pulled fast out of my ass, making me cry out. I started really crying, and I couldn’t stop. More slaps on my face. “I said, shut up!”

The man underneath me roughly threw me off his cock, off his body, and kneeled next to me. I started to roll up into a ball, a crying little mess, but they grabbed my arms and legs and spread me out on my back. With one hand they held me down, and with the other they masturbated. I could suddenly tell what was going to happen, and I started screaming. Another slap across the face, and I heard “shut her up already!” Something was shoved in my mouth – someone else’s panties? – and they held me there. I closed my eyes tightly. And then I felt it. They were groaning, and grunting, and I felt the warm spatter of cum – on my face, my tits, my thighs. I stopped struggling. Why bother?

“Look at that. Priceless.”

“That was the best fuck I’ve had for a while.”

“She looks even better covered in cum. Like a whore.”

“Yeah, what a slut.”

“A good fucking slut.”

“Thanks for that,” and they all thanked Master, not me, as they left the room.