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… we’ve been there for a few hours now, and the party is really going; the place is packed, it’s pitch black outside, only candles inside, and lots of loud music. Master and I have been wandering around talking to various people, a few friends, mostly new ones based on drunken “let’s be best friends!” moments throughout the evening. I’ve had a couple and am feeling fine. Master dressed me up for the evening in a typically sexy vanilla outfit, with hidden kinks; the crotchless panties, no bra, slightly uncomfortable high heels. With the evening in full swing, I’ve just left the dance floor, happy and exhausted, and Master beckons to me. I stumble over, and fall into his arms. He laughs at me, kisses me on the top of my head, and leads me down a hallway. I suspect he’s up to something fun, and start to caress his cock through his pants. “No, babygirl, not yet”, and he moves my hand away. I pout up at him, and then he’s opening a door to a random room, the light is off, and he ushers me in. I can see the shadowy outline of a bed, and I eagerly approach it. I come to a stop as, getting closer, I see someone is already on the bed. 

“Babygirl, you’re going to obey me, right?” 

“Yes Master, of course.”

“Then tonight you’re going to serve these men and show them what a good girl you are. That’s my command to you: whatever they want, you’re to obey. Do you understand?”

“But, Master – “

“Do. You. Understand?”

I swallow nervously, and feel my legs turn to jelly.

“Yes Master. I understand.”

“Good girl. I’ll be just outside the door. I know these men, I trust them. You’ll be fine with them.”

He leaves. He shuts the door behind him. I stand there, unsure of what to do. I realise now there’s one man standing by the wall, one who is now by the door, blocking my exit, and the man lying on the bed, propped up on his elbow. I can’t see their faces, and in a way I don’t want to. I look down at the ground.