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We have taken a day with nothing kinky, no sex, no nothing, to let me relax from the borderline non-con activities. Which is very sensible. Because this morning I was positively desperate for something, anything. We woke up together, and spooned, and for the first time in hours (which feels like years), he stroked my nipples, pinching them gently, twisting and tweaking. I bit my lips and waited to see if my brain would revolt, but it didn’t, and neither did my body – his other hand reached between my legs, and found my sopping wet cunt.

With so much love, he gently rolled me onto my stomach, stroking my back and gently spanking my ass a few times. “Arms behind your back, babygirl”, and I obeyed. He spread my legs, pulled me up onto my knees with my face pressed into the mattress, and slowly and methodically played with my holes. Stroking my cunt. Spreading my lips. Tickling my ass. Pushing just a fingertip inside each hole, then pulling out and continuing to play.


So he kept on going. Tickle. Tease. Stroke. A little bit inside me. And then a bit more. Slowly we moved from mostly outside play, to mostly inside – one finger pushing on my g-spot, two fingers thrusting in and out of my cunt, one finger plugging my ass and holding me in position, three fingers stretching my cunt open, two fingers in each hole, fucking me rhythmically and not easing up. 

More crazy. 

I’d like to say I knelt there obediently and did nothing more than whisper, but I was in full slut mode. Pushing backwards, panting and squealing, spreading my legs wider, and then of course, the begging. Begging for him to fuck me, for more fingers, for his cock, for a butt plug, for anything larger and harder than just fingers.

This went on for a while. 

For this little submissive/slave, by the way, this totally counts as spoiling me.

When I was utterly delirious, exhausted, and just panting quietly as he pistoned fingers into each hole, he stopped, withdrew, and spanked me a few more times; a bit harder this time. More deliciousness.

Then he pushed me down off my knees, until I was flat on my stomach. Kept my legs spread. Kept my hands gripping elbows behind my back. He spread my cunt lips with very wet, tender fingers, and slowly, ever so slowly, put his cock inside of me. All of his cock, spearing me, breaking me open, neverending, just deeper and deeper until I felt his balls pressed against me. 

We lay like that for a few seconds.

Then he began fucking me. This was definitely rough sex – he held me there physically, he held me down there mentally, and he fucked my cunt pretty mercilessly. It would have been torture if I wasn’t literally dripping wet – I took it with ease, I was bouncing off the bed and moaning and gasping, and when it finally really did start to hurt again, he pulled out. 

It would be a sweet enough story if it ended there, but I do know my job, so I moved at the speed of light to take his cock in my mouth, and I began cleaning my cunt juices off it. After a few seconds, he pushed his cock right down into my throat, held my face there for probably just 2 seconds though it felt like forever, and then pulled out, and came on my tits.

And that, really, is a sweet ending. And I felt loved, spoiled, adored, and abused. In a very, VERY good headspace.