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After spending quality time over at Tumblr, I have discovered what my porn turn-ons are:

#1 A girl bent over, exposing her ass and her cunt, while her Master kneads and fingers her cunt.

#2 A man gripping a girl’s throat during sex.

#3 A classically elegant submissive dressed in lovely lingerie (if any), chains, and restraints, and at the feet/knee of a well-dressed Master.

#4 Forceful oral sex – not rough, just her head being held in place.

#5 A man’s hand pushing underneath her panties to finger her cunt.

#6 Rough doggy-style with him pulling her hair, gripping her throat, slapping her face, or pushing her face into the ground/mattress.

Incidentally, I like to use the words “girl” and “man” because it plays into my fantasy hierarchies; women become nothing more than babygirls, and all men are hyper-masculine.

Anyway, any free porn videos you’d recommend I download to further inspire me?