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… from Christmas at the in-laws. We’re driving along quiet country roads, and I’m wearing a skirt and a very skimpy pair of undies. His hand strokes my thighs, gently and then insistently. I understand, and spread my legs wide on the seat. He strokes higher and higher, I lie back in my seat with my eyes closed, enjoying every second. He works his way up, and slowly, teasingly, slides a finger inside of me. In and out, sliding that finger into my wetness – of course I was wet from the second his fingers gripped my flesh. 

In the old days, that would be it – just some nice touching, a little exchange of kisses and “I love you”s. 

In this case, he pulled over, as I hoped he would. Pulled down a dirt road, and then into an overgrown shoulder/ditch. He unzipped, and pulled me down until I had my lips wide open and wrapped around his already very hard cock. He held my head in place and fucked my mouth for a few minutes, reaching under me to grab and pinch my nipples. Kept fucking my mouth til I thought I really was going to choke. Then, pulled out, got out of the car, came around to my side, bent me over my seat, feet on the ground outside, I was not particularly comfortable but then I forgot about funny positions as he fucked my cunt so hard and fast that he came within a couple of minutes. Patted me on the ass. “Good girl.” We both got back in the car, and he had me play with my cunt and his cum, periodically making me lick my fingers, until we got home.

Maybe this is the third kind of public kink for me – the fuck of convenience, the slut of right-here-right-now. Serving her Master right this second, without complaining about where we are or how sore my knees are getting. Just being prepared to spread and receive his cum, and trust him to keep me safe in the big wide world.

I’m a little light-headed right now 🙂 Merry Christmas, everyone.