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he leads me to the bedroom, and tells me that since last night was so heavy (and i woke up a bit on edge), he wants to do something nice for me.

if you were guessing back massage, you are WRONG.

he put on my gimp hood with penis gag, arm binder, and ankle cuffs. hogtied me. and then stroked my cunt, praising me for how wet i was. then one finger inside me. then faster. i was moaning and whimpering and trying my hardest to get more into me. then he adjusts me, ties my hands above my head, and has me ride his cock. then on my back, holding my legs apart while he fucks me so hard he hit my cervix, but with all my cunt juices and his pre-cum, the movement was just slip slidey perfect. he came inside me, and then played with my nipples to make me gasp.

that’s what good little slavegirls get for doing their job.

i feel like the cat that got the cream. my cunt is red raw, aching, throbbing, and i wish i could just get more.