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i’ve read some stories here on people’s blogs about a Master taking his slave out in public, to a (vanilla) club or someplace similar, having her dressed incredibly slutty, knowing that people would be looking at her and wanting to fuck her.

this is something i haven’t considered before. i’ve gone out to bdsm clubs frequently, both as a collared submissive and as a single submissive. perhaps it’s just where i live, but the ones i went to were tremendously aseptic and uninteresting. social, but not sexual. so i never felt like i was genuinely on exhibit.

but i love the idea. going to some dive with my 6’5″ Master who knows how to protect me. wearing one of my old extremely slutty little skirts, maybe one of my corsets, something tight and revealing, and high strappy heels. the only thing is, my imagination blanks out there – i can picture people looking at me, but i don’t know what comes next.

any ideas to help me bring the fantasy to life, and talk to my Master about it?