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where was i?

another “last night” post. it started simply enough with me between his legs working assiduously on his cock, swirling my tongue around the head until he thrust down my throat and held me there, and then face fucked me until i was covered in drool and pre-cum and gasping for breath.

then after he pointed out to me just how wet my cunt was, after just giving him head, he put me on my back, had me hold my legs apart, and he fucked me deep and hard for a while, pinching my nipples and slapping my face.

by this point i was pretty much a floppy rag doll who was just thinking about getting air in her lungs and riding the wave.

then there was spooning, cuddles, and i told him the idea of dressing me up in slutty clothing and taking me out in public to show off as his girl. he really liked the idea. so there’s a win πŸ™‚

then he asked me again if i thought he should fuck my ass. i think i blurted out something like “i can take it but only if you want to but i’d like it but i hope that’s okay.” he laughed – understandably. then he had one arm wrapped around my body, pinning my arms to my sides, and with his other hand he guided his cock into my ass, just popping open my hole with the head of his cock. then he gripped my throat, cutting off my breath, and he started stretching me open, going slowly and inexorably onwards, inwards, letting me breathe for one second, then cutting off the air again, and always, pushing more and more of his cock inside me.

it gets hazy. i remember it hurt quite a bit, as it would. and i loved it all the same. i wished it would stop, and hoped it wouldn’t.

then it did stop. and he replaced his cock with the anal hook, and had me on all fours, legs spread, head down, as he idly played with my nipples and described what he would do with me out in public – it sounds like he’s going to take that fantasy and take it to a whole other level.

my breathing was fast and shallow. all i could think was that i hoped he’d fuck my ass again.

which he did. it was rougher and faster. he had me lie on my back on top of him, and then sit on his cock, and he rammed up into me until i couldn’t sit up any more and fell over and cried.

and then he pulled out. and i was totally flipped out. total slave headspace. total obedience and desire for more debasement and abuse.

he spooned me and asked me whether there’s anything i would have wanted from the evening.

i don’t think my reply made any sense, but i managed to communicate that i just wanted my ass to be used.

thank god we have thrown the traditional notion of “consent” out the window, because at this point i was listening to the sound of my voice as i kept begging “no no it hurts it hurts”, and i didn’t sound like me. he told me afterwards i was taking about 6 inches. is that a lot? at the time i felt so pinioned, so helpless.

he put me on all fours. put my face into the pillow. held me down there. and fucked me so hard i was genuinely screaming into the pillow. i was bucking and flailing and trying to crawl away. he grabbed my hands behind my back, pushed my face into the pillow, and in that angle i just have to collapse and my ass is pushed higher, so i took it deeper, and i found i was rocking back into it, trying to take more and then begging for it to stop, it just didn’t end.

he pulled out, told me to lie on my stomach and play with my cunt, and assured me that i had done very, very well. at 2am, i then totally passed out.

and this morning? i think i want more.