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where we started off innocently enough, playing with new toys, the inflatable plug in my cunt, spreading me so wide that i was screaming into his hand. but it was all good, and he had his arms wrapped around me, and he was telling me sweet things, reminding me of my role, that i could scream but it wouldn’t help. innocent fun and games.

then he ripped the plug out and as i laid there gasping, his cock speared me and he had his hand around my throat and his finger in my mouth, he was tearing at my nipples, he was using me and i felt it. 

and this is all pretty par for the course, the part where a 9″ cock is ripping me open and i’m riding through the pain on his instructions, and then he pulled out and i got straight to work cleaning my juices off his cock with my tongue. he pushed my head down until his cock was as far down my throat as it could go. “can it go any farther?” he pointedly asked. i managed to get it past the gag reflex, and with both hands wrapped in my hair he kept me exactly there, as i flailed and bucked like i wasn’t loving being used like a fucktoy.

so this is normal i guess for me now. this is what i accept from my husband, this is what i deserve, and as a submissive female, this is what i need to keep me behaving and to make it clear to me that i am subservient to my master, to his cock, to his needs.

this is normal.

and then we lay there cuddling, and he asked me “should i fuck your ass?” i took a deep breath. a million things ran through my head. he’d do what he wanted anyway. but maybe he would take my concerns into account. but maybe he’d want to fuck me even more if he knew i didn’t want it. i took a guess. “no, but you’ll do what you want anyway.” i could hear the tone of my voice as it came out of my mouth – i sounded so young and timid. 

and then i surprised myself. i rolled over onto my stomach and spread my legs. i felt totally controlled and i knew i couldn’t escape. i may as well show him how good i was, how i wanted only to do the right thing, to obey and be praised. so i prepared myself for anal sex before i even knew if it was coming. and i hoped that maybe such obedience would mean he would spare me.

he didn’t. of course. he fucked me slowly and methodically, and every time i begged for a pause, he told me to push through the pain, and he pushed his cock further in. “i’m trying to relax!” i kept gasping out, but he didn’t give me the chance, he just kept on pushing his cock into my tight ass. i know it was tight because he was praising me as he went, telling me how good i felt and how much he liked fucking my ass.

need i say, this made me wet.

he used me like this for a while. then he pulled out and we spooned again. more cuddles, more reminding of my role. he told me i had earnt my collar, and put it on me. then we laid down and prepared for sleep, talking about how good it is to have our roles clear and a lifetime to put me in my place.

and i don’t know how it happened, but i asked him to fuck my ass again. and he told me to beg for it. 

so i did

i was grabbing at him, at his cock, his body, gasping out “please” over and over. “please fuck my ass, master, i want your cock in my ass, please please please”. 

this time it wasn’t slow and methodical. he kept reminding me to push through the pain, and also, that he liked my pain. and he got about 6″ into me, and then it began. this was not friendly and loving. this was me being used and abused, being forced to take far more cock, more pain, more humiliation. my face pushed into the pillow, then his hand gripping my hair and pulling my head up so i could hear my own tortured gasps for breath. then him slamming my face back into the pillow. all the while ploughing my ass like i was only here for his pleasure.

even wetter as i realised that’s all i was there for.

he pulled out, came on my back. showered me off, more stroking and tenderness, and he put me into bed, put my collar back on, and i fell asleep with an aching ass, and a happy heart.