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there was an incredibly hot, short and sweet moment.

we got home from dinner, it was about 10pm. time for me to start getting ready for bed. he shut the front door behind him, i had just put my handbag down on the table, and he growled at me. i swear, he growled. “on your knees, wife.” i blush to tell you how fast i moved, but i did. on my knees, knees spread, hands on my head with fingers laced.

he unzipped, walked over to me, and i had my mouth open just as fast, in time for his rapidly stiffening cock to be thrust right down my throat. he stood like that for a few seconds, then used my mouth like i scarcely even mattered (which, i know, i didn’t, right then). he was fucking my throat so hard and fast i was honestly choking and sputtering. (but i kept those knees spread.)

then it was over. he pulled out without cumming. “get up, go to bed sweetheart”, nonchalantly. with shaky legs (again!) i staggered to the bedroom.

that was it for the night. just a few minutes of hard, rough oral sex, using me like a whore, like his whore. 

though i did hold in my heart and treasure that use of “wife”. it turns me on to think that when he thinks of me as his wife, he’s thinking of me as his whore to be used whenever he wants. 

just a few minutes, but enough for hours of happiness and happy memories.