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We all know that we start with the best of intentions, then a week of extreme work stress arrived and with the late nights in the office and general exhaustion, nothing happened for a while. So Friday night I playfully put the blindfold on him and gave him head the way he’s taught me. Make sure the head of his cock hits the back of my throat with every stroke. Suck up all the pre-cum and don’t complain. Lick and suck on his balls, taking them into my mouth until my face is pressed against the base of his cock. I did it all, while he laid back and enjoyed it. Then I finished, and we just lay there and hugged, all reconnected.

Then he sent me right down into that headspace. Wrapping his arms around me ostensibly for a big hug, and then he was playing with my nipples which made me gasp and squirm, and then he had me on my stomach pinioned and with a knee between my thighs, growling at me about how the oral was just the beginning and it’s time to remind me of my place. It sounds like such a cliche. But the obedience kicked right in, and I was lost. I fucked my cunt with my fingers on command, and then took the cunt juice and smeared it on my little pink ass hole. Then he slapped me and told me me meant to put it in my ass, not on it. So i was fucking my own ass with one and then two fingers. Then he slapped me again – just on my butt, but so hard i screamed out a little, and he pulled my fingers out of my ass, and told me to spread my asscheeks for him. So five minutes after happily cuddling after yummy, choking, wet and licking oral, and feeling like a good little girl, I was reminded what a good little girl really does, what I really am.

Which is to have her pretty little rosebud of an ass fucked for a good while by her husband. While he forces my head into the pillow while I scream, and then with a handful of hair, pulls it back so my head is arched, I’m alternately choking and screaming, and he can rip and tear at my nipples. It’s to try to thrash and squirm my way out for under him, and just have my arms pinioned in an inescapable grip behind my back. It’s to feel his cock moving in and out of my tender ass, feeling the precum juice me up back there while my cunt greedily seeps its own juice onto the mattress, hoping it will be filled soon too. It’s finally collapsing physically into the moment, feeling my ass open up even more, and him move even faster, plowing into me and groaning with his own release as he pulls out and cums all over my back.

I swear it was only 10 minutes in total, though the clock said it was longer.