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… for right now, at least.

is when i am woken up in the middle of the night. he spoons me from behind, pulling me close tenderly but with that hint of ownership. i feel warm, adored, and loved. i snuggle in to him, pressing my ass against his cock and my back against his chest. i squirm around so he can wrap his arms around me. i start to fall asleep again immediately. and i’m woken up immediately by him twisting my nipples gently, teasing, tickling, and then more roughly, the ‘instant on’ switch i have to go to full slave headspace. suddenly i’m gasping for breath, and i open my legs for him, tilting the right way so that the head of his cock just slips between my cunt lips. we both can feel how wet and slick i am down there, and i hold my breath wondering what he will decide to do …

that is the best feeling for me, right now.