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my role…

…is to spread my legs whenever he expects me to. literally, to spread my legs. to open up my cunt lips. to provide him with access to easily put anything he wants – fingers, cock, dildos, plugs – into either my cunt or my ass. to spread my legs on command, if he taps me on the thigh in bed or shoves a knee between my legs while i’m cooking in the kitchen.

…is to show him how he makes me feel. to scream if he hurts me, and to moan if he makes me feel amazing. to cry when i can’t take it any more. to gasp, to groan, to beg, to plead, to request, to preen, to snuggle, to open wider, to take it all, to bend myself over the edge of the couch. to beg, to invite, to spread wider.

…is to give up control, and not take it back. to not refuse him sex even if last night he fucked me til i bled. to move fast when i’m given an order. to trust he will pull his cock out of my throat long enough for me to breathe. to keep my legs spread even when he’s smacking my cunt with an open palm. to spread my legs automatically when woken up in the middle of the night. to kneel without question.