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he spooned me, stroked my nipples gently, and then within a minute or two his cock was down my throat. we’re doing a lot of head these last couple of days. i have always been good at it, but due to health issues i can’t do it as well as i used to. not as much staying power. i also am a small little girl, 5 foot tall and very slight, and he has a 9″ erect cock. i don’t swallow his cum, and i have a tendency to gag. this is now, entirely, changing. 

he’s training me – which is to say, he’s instructing me and i’m obeying him – to take his cock far, far down my throat. if it isn’t hitting the back of my throat, i’m not doing a good enough job. if i’m breathing, it’s not in far enough. he lies on his back, tells me to take his cock in my mouth, and i know what i’m supposed to do. i press my face down on it, wrapping my lips around and pressing my tongue against it. i take it like that, not breathing and just gently undulating my tongue against the shaft, until he tells me to start sucking, and my job is to pull back until it’s almost out, then plunge back down onto it til it hits the back of my throat. over and over again. sometimes he just grabs my hair, holds my head down there, and fucks my face while i gag, drool and choke. 

this is my role as his oral slave, and i’m doing it as well as i can, and he is approving of what i’m doing.

so last night we start with my oral training, and then he taped my arms and legs close to my body, lay me on my back, and fucked my cunt til i was bouncing off the bed and making some seriously intense sounds. he cut me loose, and instructed me immediately “go clean your cunt juices off my cock, slut”. i would never have done this before. now i went straight to work. 

he was so proud of me, i could tell by how he started finger fucking me and tickling my ass. the little things!

i was so far in the slave headspace, he had me present to him next to him in bed, and i stayed like that, panting heavily and dripping onto the bed. he talked to me in that quiet voice about how well my training is going, and how it will get heavier and more intense. how soon i’ll be swallowing his cum and begging for it. the headspace by now was so intense. he must have known, must have realised. he didn’t tell me to relax, he didn’t talk me down from the dangerous peak i was on. he just – quietly, sneakily – grabbed the very large butt plug – it must be 5″ wide – i’ve never been able to take it – he grabbed it and before i could register what was happening, he was steadily pushing it into my ass.

so i went crazy. as you do. i stopped short of saying “no”, so i said “it hurts!” over and over again. i cried. i screamed. he wouldn’t stop, and it inexorably pushed further and further into my by now stinging and burning ass. i reared up off all fours and tried to crawl to the edge of the bed. he wrapped a strong arm around my stomach, “no, you don’t get to stop, you’re taking this butt plug right now”, and he just kept pushing it in. apparently it was about 3/4 in. i was struggling and crying, but i was also obeying, in a very disobedient way. as punishment, i guess, he rammed it harder, pulled it out and rammed it in, enough to make me just collapse in tears, sagging in his arms. “mmmm, perfect, give in to me, whore”. so i did. i could feel my ass muscles relax, and the plug got closer and closer to ripping me open entirely.

eventually he pulled it out. i stayed in the “present” position, totally brutalised and dominated. i couldn’t move. he kept talking quietly to me about the changes in our relationship, and my role in our marriage. he was in my head, i have no defenses any more. then he told me to go to sleep. “how should i go to sleep?” i managed to blurt out. he knew what i meant. “on your back, legs spread wide, both hands on your cunt until you sleep.”

so that’s what i did. kneading my hairless, swollen, wet, sore cunt lips, stroking up and down my slit. legs splayed like a whore ready and waiting for him. touching, touching, touching, until i fell asleep.