… this isn’t a religious, Christian thing. this isn’t a misogynist thing. this is just the way it has fallen in my marriage.

… this is my low libido and his high sex drive, and my reluctance to have sex, and my innate submissive need for rough sex, and my fear that he will expect it all the time.

… this is him realising that he needs to control my sexuality because otherwise i’ll let my low libido take over our sex drive and i can’t seem to admit that the best thing for my sexuality is to give in to my submission.

… this is him using pain to control my obedience, using a firm hand to guide me and an open palm to remind me of my place.

… this is me recognising that my role is to serve him sexually, because he needs it, and because being submissive but not giving in is lying to myself and denying my truest self.

… this is me recognising that subservience is my natural role as a submissive female, and if i’m not spreading my legs for my husband, i’m not doing enough.

… this is my needs and opinions and desires being reduced to nothing more than “obey him”.

… this is me accepting that i no longer decide when i will have sex, i no longer decide what i will do in the bedroom.

… this is me accepting that what he says is law, and there are no options, and that my husband is in charge.

… this is me opening my cunt, ass and mouth for his cock, tongue, fingers, whenever he tells me to, no matter what.

… this is me realising that what i “accept” and “recognise” doesn’t matter, because he will decide how to use my body, my holes, my wetness, whenever however and wherever.

this is a submissive wife.