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now i realise slave generally has a specific meaning in bdsm – i have been a submissive for the past 7 years, so i know full well that slave is generally used to mean more than just sex, more than just play, but a handing over of control over a decent amount of life itself.

no can do. not interested. no need. absolutely not for me. yet i want to use the word, for obvious reasons. i’m more than a sub (for) (right) now. this is clearly a big step forwards in obedience and subservience. in fact i prefer “subservience” – it’s a combination of submitting, and serving. and my role now is one of a slave in that i am owned and have no rights. it just so happens that this is only within the boundaries of our sex lives. so i’m a sex slave, such a cliche, but true. i can do whatever i want, whenever i want, however i want. but if he says “present to me”, i’ll be on the floor with my wet shaved cunt and tight ass in the air, pulling my pants down to my knees and my shirt up over my tits so he can access everything he owns. i’ll stay there and take it all, and then i’ll return to my life.

so i know i’m not a ‘real’ ’24×7′ slave, but i’m not giving the word up.