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me, lying on my back in bed, wrists tied above my head and closely shackled to the headboard, ankles locked to the spreader bar and then fixed to the bed frame. penis gag in my mouth. leather gimp hood on, tightly laced up and fastened with the padlock. nipple clamps on, and the chain running through the D ring on my posture collar.

him: casually ramming into me the large plug and dildo and locking them in with the chastity belt.

him: masturbating next to me while watching porn, and when he cums, it’s all over my tits, and he laughs at me and says how pretty i look like that.

him: taking the nipple clamps off and pouring hot wax on.

him: untethering the spreader bar, lifting it up and over my head and connecting it to the headboard, so my holes are spread obscenely wide. he fucks me in each hole, repeatedly, making my tits bounce as he does so the clamp chain jingles and shakes, making me scream in pain.

him: putting on a porn movie, a gangbang with lots of degrading comments about the woman, and leaving me there to listen to it.

him: caning my cunt until the skin breaks and i’m bleeding, and he uses the blood as lubricant to fuck me.

me: still wanting more.