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Just a quick one, that’s what this post is, and what our play tonight was. Just a quick one, where he came in me, and then I cleaned my juices and his cum off his cock with my tongue and lips. I moved so fast to obey where told me to do this, and I felt my cunt get literally dripping wet as I did. He asked me to be honest and tell him what I want out of this change in our relationship. I told him everything I wanted, and he said he would take it on board, and if it worked for him, he might consider it.

Tomorrow night I shave the rest of my cunt hair off, so I will be totally bald for him.

He told me 90% of what he’s doing to me is because he wants to do it. The remaining 10% of his headspace, he thinks about what I want. That ratio scares me. And excites me.