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degradation, humiliation, abuse. 

the tenderness of a Master who cuddles me afterwards and tells me he’s so proud i’m get so wet from having his balls in my mouth. tells me he’s particularly pleased with me being so tight – because i’m so swollen and in pain. who tells me he loves hurting me, and he’s doing everything because he loves doing it. who tells me i’m exactly what he wants, and he isn’t going to let me go. who strokes my face before slapping it, and then afterwards.

his approval of my descent into slavery means that i’m doing the right thing. i obey him, and he approves. he orders me, i submit, and he reinforces that i’ve done the right thing, by using me however he wants. it’s a cycle of subservience.

the approval is so important. and as i’ve handed control over to him, i now crave that approval as he becomes my only guidance in the bedroom. i don’t think about what i’m going to do with my cunt tonight – i know he will decide for me, and be pleased that i obey.

it’s such a powerful cycle. lying there, gasping, with pre-cum smeared over my face, sore nipples, hearing his soothing voice reassure me that the reason i’m doing these things is because i’m just a whore, and i’m his whore, his cunt, his slut. i feel at peace, and when he pushes his rock hard cock into my cunt or ass, i can take it because i know he defines what i am, and what i’m here for. no space for resistance.

is this making any sense?