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… is it sick of me to have a fantasy where we have a fight, and go to bed angry at each other, and he fucks me anyway, and points out to me that i still have no rights, no matter what, and that i am there to serve him? and that i want him to stop, that i resent every minute of it, but i know it’s useless to beg him to stop?

… where bedtime means always having a plug in my ass and a chastity belt locked on

… where he keeps me in the closet, shackled on the ground, ass in the air, and comes in periodically to pull out a plug and fuck a hole

… where he interrupts me in the kitchen to push me onto the ground, force his cock down my throat and then in my ass, and then strips me, commands me to lie there naked on the floor, while he cums all over my tits