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so we finally placed the order on new toys. we already have our favourite toys – anal hooks, leather gimp hoods, restraints, sleeves, mittens, a plain leather chastity belt, a small and a way large butt plug … and we needed more.

so we bought

http://www.dhgate.com/product/lowest-price-hot-sell-2013-wild-11-4-5cm/153764943.html An inflatable plug. We used one like this in my cunt, to stretch me wide for him. We’ve lost it, and I can’t wait to get this back inside me. The plan is to use it overnight as part of my training.

http://www.dhgate.com/product/anal-plug-silicone-anal-balls-anal-beads/174602188.html A combined vaginal, anal and clitoral toy. This is one I begged to buy, and he’s told me I’ll only get it if I’m very good. Believe me, I’ll be good.

http://www.dhgate.com/product/silicone-glans-gag-open-mouth-bondage-passion/173976212.html A penis gag, because it turns me on so much to feel cocks in all my holes – even if they’re just silicone. I hope one day he decides to whore me out and this can be replaced by some other man’s cock while my master is raping my ass.

http://www.dhgate.com/product/7-designs-glass-glasses-butt-plug-anal-jewelry/142565219.html A glass butt plug (size D), short and very wide. I am only 5 foot tall, and 90 pounds. I’m tiny, and this is going to tear me wide open. It’s glass, so it’ll be pretty hygienic – will work well overnight, once I’m trained to take it.

http://www.dhgate.com/product/stainless-steel-ball-female-chastity-devices/152183112.html MY NEW CHASTITY BELT!!! For overnight plugging of holes, because I’ve been begging for something like this for so long. Part of training too.

The training I keep referring to – Master has a 9″ cock, and I am a 00 size in petite clothing. I can take him in my cunt, but my ass is still too small. He is determined to start ass-raping me whenever he wants, so he’s training my ass to take more and more. Last night he fucked it with about 2″ of his cock, and I was crying for a lot of that. And wet at the same time of course. Because I’m his fucking slut and I love his cock. But I was crying. And he didn’t stop.

… lots of tears. lots of ploughing my ass. and he woke me up at 2:30am to do this to me.

… getting wet just typing.