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… where he wakes me up in the middle of the night with a hard and insistent cock between my lips … i take it willingly down my throat, but he starts face fucking me before i’ve had a chance to really come to terms with what’s going on … i try to show him i need to breathe, but he pushes the head of his cock down into my throat, and i start gagging around it, convulsing … he pulls out just long enough for me to think i’ll be able to breathe, and then back down my throat, pulling my hair so hard back that i can’t move, i can just feel his cock slide back down my tongue, my throat, and pre-cum ooze around the corners of my mouth … i’m on the verge of tears when he finally pulls out for good … i lie down exhausted, but he throws me on my stomach, fastens my wrists to the restraints, wraps the waist restraint around me and pulls it tight to pin me to the bed, spreads my ass cheeks, spits on my asshole, and when i try to turn around and beg for a breather, he slams my face down into the pillow, and with the other hand, pushes the large butt plug in … i am flailing now wildly, feeling the skin tear, but he ignores me, pushes my legs apart, lies down on top of me, and starts fucking me so hard … my face in the pillow, i can’t breathe or scream, he’s pushing so far up into me that i swear it’s just pain, no pleasure … the pressure of him on my back, his voice in my ear whispering to me that this is what i deserve, i’m just some holes for him to fuck, and that the more pain i feel, the better it feels for him … he lets me breathe briefly, and my ass is on fire, my cunt must be bleeding by now, and i’m pinioned, i can’t move, i can’t escape, and i just want to go back to sleep, and i manage to gasp out my safeword … and he pulls my hair so roughly, grabs a fistful of it and slams my face back into the pillow, pulls out the buttplug and rams his cock in there, plowing so hard that i am now screaming voiceless screams into the pillow, safewording over and over again, and he pulls out finally, cums on my back … i’m gasping finally, blessed relief, and he pushes the butt plug back in, pushes the largest dildo into my cunt, and the largest penis gag down my throat while i’m genuinely screaming now, yelling and screaming and crying … then it’s the chastity belt buckled tight and padlocked … then his voice again as he gazes into my eyes – this is ownership. this is what it means to be my slave. you really have no rights. none whatsoever. you are holes to be filled. and i get to use them and fill them however and whenever i want. 

… and i can feel my cunt growing warm and wet just listening to him. i am sobbing and hating him and hating my life, and i want nothing more than for this night to end, and yet to last forever. every hole is stretched, raped and torn, and i’m scared of the morning. and i love my master.