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Master has told me to be prepared tonight for a medical examination. I know what to expect, and I get wet just thinking about it. Four point restraint. Leather hood on. Penis gag in mouth. Legs splayed so wide, pillow propping my ass up. Lips of my cunt wide open, practically begging for his cock. But what I get first is the speculum, opening wider and wider until the tender skin of my cunt is stretched so thin and raw. Then it begins. The probing fingers. The Wartenburg wheel. The scratching. The raping of my ass with a butt plug. The spitting into my cunt, calling it the slut’s hole. Feeling a finger push pre-cum into me. Knowing the bright torch is shining into me, showing him everything.

FInally he removes it, and immediately replaces it with his cock, and I feel whorishly loose and wet, and he mocks me for not being virginally tight, but letting him spread me so wide for his inspection.