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In a cunt so raw and red that normally I couldn’t even take one thrust. Now I’m taking him to the hilt, I’m so wet the second he grabs me. He tweaks my nipple, squeezing it until I want to collapse, and in that moment mentally I have collapsed – I’m totally gone, totally lost, just waiting for instructions. I want him to direct me, to instruct me, to control and dominate me so thoroughly in every aspect of my sexual body. So he tweaks my nipple casually in the kitchen while I’m fixing lunch, then he’s leading me, me on all fours crawling down the hallway, then I’m on my hands and knees on the bed, my pants on the ground, no foreplay, just his rock hard cock spearing me over and over again. He ties my legs so they stretch over my head, and my cunt is spread open for his viewing. He tells me to put my finger in my ass so he can feel it while he’s fucking me. He puts the dental dam in and facefucks me after pulling out. He bends me over in the shower and shoves as many fingers as possible inside me. Even when we’re supposed to be slowing down and relaxing after he’s fucked me til I can’t walk, he’s pushing me harder and faster, because all he needs to do is tweak one nipple, and I can’t say no. I don’t want to say no. I just want him pushing my face into the mattress and his cock into my cunt. He’s going to take my ass next – which I’ve never done. And I know it’s going to be agony. And I want him to do it, and I want it to hurt.

I want him to hurt me. I want to be spread open for him to hurt whenever he wants.