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That peace was short lived, just my cunt filled and happily stretching around a hard dildo. A message from him – add the butt plug. Do it on all fours. Thankfully I’m allowed lube. It’s still a pretty small butt plug, so it goes in well enough. Now I can’t scarcely concentrate on typing, I’m just sitting up in bed feeling both toys pushing hard into my small sore holes, feeling them stretch and rip me open, just like his massive cock would be doing. Then another message – send him a Snapchat. So I do, finding the best angle to show him both holes being stretched open. Showing him how good I am, how much I’m obeying him, how much I deserve more and more and more.

A week ago this would have been an imposition. Now I wish he kept me like this 24×7, plugged up. And more. Naked. Chained to the bed. Mouth stretched open with the dental gag. Blindfolded. Ready for use. Unplug, fill me up with your cock. Over and over again. I hope, and hope and hope, that he pushes me so far under that there are no safe words, just constant abuse until I never doubt for a second that he owns my body, that he can use me however he wants, and there are no other options for me.

So this is real submission for me, now. This is where I’ve come to.

Another message – I’m to fuck myself for 4 minutes.

Open wide for him to control. Even when he’s not here.