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He left this morning on errands, and before he went, he came into the bedroom where I was still naked in bed. Pulled the sheets back, grabbed both my breasts and felt like he was going to rip them off me. Told me to touch myself, so I started stroking my clit. Deep inside, he tells me, so I push a finger into my sudden extreme wetness. Pulls the sheets back further, watches, and pushes his hand against mine, forcing fast and rough movement inside my still tender cunt. Still unsatisfied, he goes and brings over our big black dildo, wrenching my legs apart, pulling my hand away, and pushing the dildo far in in one brutal thrust. Pulls a pair of panties over them, then leaves, telling me it’s to stay in til he returns. I am now lying here, trying to focus on my laptop and work, and feeling the dildo stretch me wide, tearing and burning, and I am getting wetter and wetter hoping he will replace it with his cock when he gets home.

Three days ago, we were just casual switches in the bedroom, though I was always a sub at heart. We played for 7 years like this. Now suddenly, I’ve given everything, and more, and he is taking it because he knows it was always his. I’m begging for cock, for ass plugs, for chains, collars, to be kept spread and plugged by him, to be filled up and used constantly until I’m red raw and still wanting more. He’s giving it all to me, and pushing me further and deeper than we’ve ever played. All I can do is give in entirely, and let him direct me into total sexual submission. Where I’ve always wanted to go, but never been able to. And suddenly, now, we’re doing it, and I feel so relieved, so at peace, and so fulfilled.

Always a sexual slave at heart, now finally being used like one too.