Why do I submit, anyway?


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Why do I obey? Why do I let him do such terrible things to me? Why do I allow my body to be treated like his plaything, whenever he wants?

Well because do you KNOW how BORING vanilla sex is???? I mean SERIOUSLY! What’s supposed to happen??? There’s kissing, there’s some touching, then it’s all “oh are you wet enough?” “are you ready?” “is this too fast?” I mean what the FUCK is that about??? It’s a serious mood killer! And foreplay where he touches my pussy constantly?? Well that uses up all my wetness and then we have to start all over again! WHAT THE FUCK! Who does this shit? Who does vanilla sex and thinks to themselves “well how delightful!” FOR FUCK’S SAKE! These people are NILLA through and through, and hey good for them that they’ve found sex that works for them, but LET ME TELL YOU it does NOT work for me and I’m not wasting time with it!

Power dynamics make me horny like nothing else in this world. Using language, roleplays, toys – they all make sex feel AMAZING. I stay wet THE WHOLE TIME. I love it. So you tell me – why the FUCK would I do anything other than kinky sex????

More Daddy ageplay fantasy thoughts


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“What a delicious dinner little girl, you did a great job tonight!”

“Thank you daddy, I’m so glad you liked it!”

“I sure did. Now, in a few minutes, I have some friends from work coming over for a drink. I want you in bed by a reasonable time, of course, but first I’ll need you to welcome them into our home for a few minutes. You’ll need to take off everything except your panties, and then I want you to show them how good you are at using your mouth. Each one of them.”

“Aw daddy, that’ll take forever, I was going to play with my dolls in bed tonight!”

“Don’t give me that attitude young lady. They’ll be here any second, so quick, clothing off, just panties. And stop pouting like that, it’s not going to change a thing.”

“Hmph. Fine daddy. There, are you happy?”

“I’ll be happy when you stop talking back like that. Come, over my lap, you need a quick attitude adjustment.” ……….. “and, ten. There you go, are you going to behave now? Are you going to make me proud tonight?”

“*sob* yes daddy, I’ll be good. I’m sorry I was such a brat.”

“Good girl. And there’s the doorbell. I’ll go let our guests in. You, on your knees, hands on your head, mouth open. Right there. Good girl!” …….. “Welcome gentlemen, hello! Come on in. I’m not sure if you’ve met my little girl before? She’s so excited to meet you all, she can’t wait to get started.”

There are three men, and they all have their own little girls at home, so they know exactly what to do. One by one they use her little pink mouth, one might face-fuck her quite roughly, one might be gentle, one might love making her choke on his cock, and they all know to reinforce her obedience by praising her. She stays on her knees, doesn’t talk back, and her Daddy sits back on the couch watching with delight as she makes him so proud. When each one comes, they do so all over her face and breasts, covering her quite nicely, and then one or two of them takes a photo for later. Daddy sends her off for a bath, and when she comes out later to say goodnight to them, she’s wearing pink frilly pyjamas which are a little small for her but she looks just adorable. She gives them each a kiss goodnight on the lips, and each of them probably takes the opportunity to touch her body, stroke her pussy lips, squeeze her butt, tickle her nipples. She giggles at them all, such silly men now! Then she trots off to bed to play with her dolls, and they all watch her go with little smiles on their mouths. And when they each get home later that night, they each take great joy in waking up their own little girls, fucking them senseless, and then having lovely Daddy-girl snuggles all through the night.

Daddy age-play – why?


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Thinking about why I like the idea of Daddy age-play so much. First let’s get out of the way the “incest” thing – good god NO, absolutely immoral, illegal, horrific, just NO NO NO. So I think it’s to do with the age difference, and how in our western society older men are seen as wise, experienced, and even wealthy, and young girls are at risk of all kinds of terrible things happening to them. I’d far prefer that young girls actually ruled the world! But in my fantasy land, where girls are submissive and men are in control of all sexual activity, it makes perfect sense.

Young girls who are finally legal and available for men to use and abuse, are kept safe by being supervised by an older man who has the knowledge and resources to protect her. At the same time, she needs to be educated about her role in the world, and in a way which doesn’t lead her to self hatred and self destruction. Her Daddy therefore protects her by setting limits and rules, while slowly teaching her how she should behave, and what she should expect.

Until she has a Daddy, she’s at risk. She may be tempted to go off with the first young man who speaks nicely to her – and who is keen to abuse her with utter disregard – as he hasn’t yet grown up enough to understand how to maintain the order in this society. So she needs to have a Daddy, and this can’t be left to chance – so when she is a legal age, she should be available for a Daddy to choose to bring her into his home, and in doing so he must be sweet and loving, and welcome her and her delightful young body into his home. She must go willingly, excited about her future, and happy to be with someone old enough that she automatically wants to obey him.

Now that she has a Daddy, he loves her and pets her and shows her how this relationship is nothing to be scared of. She learns to trust him, and with a few mild spankings she learns quickly to obey him. She’s rewarded when she obeys, and she feels quite happy about how lucky she is. And now that the relationship and rules of it are clearly established, she knows that Daddy is the boss, she’s still very young, and of course he’s in charge.

So when Daddy starts directing her to be more open with her body around him, she of course wants to make him happy, and of course she obeys. When Daddy shows her how she can make him happy, she is only too eager to do what she’s told. And as Daddy shows her how could he can make her feel, well, why on earth wouldn’t she just obey his every command? He’s protecting her, he’s teaching her, and everything that’s happening feels amazing!

Her Daddy is someone who she can have a giggle with, because she knows he loves how young and silly she is. Her Daddy is someone who she can trust with her life, because everything he does makes sense in their world. Her Daddy is someone who spoils her rotten, who loves having a young girl around the house. Her Daddy shows her that her body is made for pleasure, and that doing what Daddy says brings the most pleasure. Her Daddy is someone who works hard to make a perfect home for her, so whatever he wants, of course he gets. All she has to do is be her own adorable girly self, and do what her Daddy says.

No wonder I love it!!!

Am I the only one …


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Who loves to fantasise about being fucked by a few men who are determined to degrade me to nothing more than a collection of holes? Where my Husband and Master is directing the scene to ensure all my buttons are pushed, even as I’m begging it to stop? Where it’d be rape if I wasn’t so obedient and if I weren’t getting wetter as they did more and more horrible things to me? Where I serve them all because my Husband and Master tells me to, and then when it’s over, he’s so proud of me, and I’m so happy I made him proud of me?

Mean old ass fucking!


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Now wouldn’t you agree that it’s just plain cruel for a Master to hint all day about how exciting bedtime’s going to be, and then when the time finally arrives, and his slave steps out of the shower all fresh and clean and eager to please, and he directs her to bend over the side of the bed, and she spreads her legs, and then he totally IGNORES her cunt and instead proceeds to calmly fuck her ass hard and deep, and yes he might use lube but all that does is help his big cock go even deeper, and he fucks her slowly and then speeds up even if she’s not ready, and he uses his body weight to pin her exactly where he wants her while he fucks her ass til she feels she is going to die, and then when he’s done, that’s all the fucking she gets that night? Does that seem fair to you???

To be honest it’s entirely fair and it was incredibly hot and I really did enjoy it but THAT’S NOT THE POINT! The point is he did what he wanted and didn’t even think about the fact I wanted my cunt fucked! *pouts*

Well yes, I can see the logic actually. I love my Master 🙂


It’s almost that time of the month


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Last time my period came (I take the pill and skip my periods regularly), I told Master a couple of days in advance, like normal, and he took advantage of the last night in particular.

It started with me sneakily deep throating him while he was digging around for a toy in his bedside drawer. Then (and let’s see if I can remember this all in the correct order) he put the small butt plug in me, then he put the hood on me, then he spanked me, then he put the collar on me, then he used the crop on me, then he took out the small butt plug, then he put the big butt plug in, then he buckled on the chastity belt, then he made me go down on him, then he tied me to the foot of the bed and face fucked me, then he took off the chastity belt, then he fucked my cunt, then he fucked my ass, then he calmed me down, then he fucked my ass again and was harder and went deeper.

That was a tremendously intense hour. And then I was so extremely broken it was a relief I only had to serve orally for the following week!

Anal surprise! :)


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It sounds like some sort of dessert doesn’t it! Hehehehe!

Well, what else would you call it when your husband comes home from work, you go to give him a welcome home hug and kiss, and then after quite a deep kiss which makes your knees buckle slightly, he pushes you to face the wall, “hands above your head”, then he pulls your pants down, spreads your ass cheeks, and pushes a butt plug in with no lube???

Then he calmly pulls your pants back up, zips them up like it’s no big deal, and using a D ring on your collar, pushes you down to the ground where you proceed to crawl behind him to the bedroom, and then be fucked within an inch of your life while the pressure from the butt plug drives you insane???

I love that he expects me to obey his every wish, and I love that I do, and I love that he loves me for it 🙂 🙂

Under his desk


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Well that’s something we haven’t done for a while! It was a normal evening, dinner together then he went to his study, and I was kicking back in front of the TV, when I heard “cunt, here, now.” (Need I even mention that at the hint of that tone in his voice, my pussy immediately started to get wet?) I walked down the hallway and into his study, and the second I came through the door he barks at me “get on your knees, crawl here, under the desk, come on”.

I drop immediately and can’t help but notice the extremely hot porn he’s watching, he loves extremely complicated Japanese rope bondage, and there was a girl suspended while being fucked from behind and sucking another man’s cock. I crawled over and was getting under the desk when he pulled me out.

Another barked command. “Naked, now.” I stripped off, and as I did he poked and prodded me, squeezing my breast, slapping my ass, tickling my clit. “Faster.” So I sped up, and quickly dove back under the desk on all fours. He pulled his cock out, and I knew not to hesitate, in fact I’d say I lunged for it, took it deep in my mouth, he tasted delicious, and hearing the sounds of the girl and the men on his screen only made me enjoy it more.

He used my mouth pretty roughly, I have to say, I think it was in timing with what was happening on screen. He came in my mouth, held me there for a few moments while his cock softened, then he pulled me off him. “Good work, slut. Off you go. Take your clothing with you – but don’t even think about wearing it. Crawl til you’re out the door.”

I followed his commands, and on my way out, I heard him laugh to himself. “Girl, you left a wet spot on the carpet. I can see us doing a lot more of this in our future – and I don’t expect you’ll be complaining!”

Damn my greedy, wet, slave cunt!

Inspection time.


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“Hello again! Just the usual inspection again?”

“Yes, and please be extra thorough – I’m sorry to say that I found her in a very … compromising position with our neighbour last night, and, well, let’s just say that Dan can be quite determined to get what he wants!”

“But Daddy, you said to – ”

“Enough with the complaining! I swear I look forward to the day I DON’T have to carry this gag around with me just in case you get mouthy with me! There. Now I don’t have to listen to your childish prattle.”

“Now girl, now that you’re nice and quiet, let’s get started. Up on the bed, you know the drill. Legs apart, up in the stirrups, hands above your head. Okay, nice and buckled in. Now don’t be scared at the cranking noise, it’s just to raise you up to the right level, and spread your legs just right. Now, let’s have a look in here. …. Sir I am shocked, I can see why you were so disappointed, look at those bruises on her inner thighs, fingerprint shaped. She struggled???”

“Disgusting, isn’t it. I don’t know what I did wrong with this one. She’s had all the best education and training, and then – I’m just ashamed.”

“I’m sorry for you. These young girls, they don’t know how to behave. Sir, I hope you don’t mind me making a suggestion, but, last time we used the small speculum – ”

“Oh yes, forget that, go with the large, by all means. She should learn a lesson today.”

“Absolutely, couldn’t agree more. I’ll get the large. Now girl, don’t waste time wriggling, it’s still going to go in, Sir can you hold her down, she certainly has energy!”

“I’ve got her. You little slut, how many times do I have to tell you, OBEY when a man is with you! OBEDIENCE, that’s what I’ve been trying to teach you!”

“Sir, I’ll help out here, these large speculums are particularly good at subduing girls who struggle because – ah, here we go, spread those lips wide – yes, because, let’s face it, a tight pussy is a painful pussy! *chuckle* And look at that, the faster we push in, the more of a shock it is. You can let go of her now, there won’t be any more resistance. Look, more pressure just shocks her even more.”

“You’re an artist!”

“Well let’s have a look at this work of art, shall we? Mmmmmmm this is a fresh one isn’t it. How long have you had it?”

“Six weeks, give or take.”

“Wonderful. Look at that pinkness. And some abrasions, did Dan do more than just fuck her himself?”

“Well he does love his cane handles, and she was misbehaving …”

“Of course, that explains those patterns. And hello, what’s this? Her clit is starting to swell, were you expecting that?”

“I wasn’t! She’s enjoying this?”

“Well let’s see. Let’s just give it a little tickle inside – here, there’s enough space for both of our fingers -”

“Mmmm I might just take a little bite on that clit too, so tasty.”

“Yes sir I don’t blame you, and I believe she liked it, look at her shake!”

“I can hear her moaning too. Can you believe this slut??? Won’t give it to Dan last night, complains to me, and underneath it all -”

“You know, it’s true for 99% of the girls who come through my clinic. Once I stretch their pussies open, they’re all the same, they just want those holes filled.”

“Indeed. Whores, the lot of them. Well, I’ll give you some space down here to finish your inspection, and I might just make use of that pretty little mouth.”

“Wonderful Sir, and might I add, I think Dan was very clever with just how far he pushed her. There’s nothing permanently damaged here, she’s actually right as rain, she might be sore but since when did that matter, right? *chuckle* So, I recommend she spends at least two sessions a week with him, with or without you, and also, I’d suggest intermittent stretching of this cunt, something mechanical. Aaaaah look at that speculum, it’s covered with her juices. Okay, you little whore, final inspection task…”

“Come here little girl, you’ve had enough of that gag, let’s get a real cock in your mouth…”

…….. ……. ………

“So… <zip> what’s the final verdict today?”

“Sir, she’s doing very well with her cunt, but all the histrionics just because of one double penetration! My god! She’s got to learn to take it better! I definitely recommend two sessions with Dan every week, even up to 4, and you do need to go with her. Those holes have got to be stretched more, and she simply has to learn. And also, one night a week you should try a gangbang, I think you’ll see real improvements. Oh, and one final thing. I’m just going to clip this on – there we go – yes, don’t let go of her hands, buckle them behind her in fact – yes, excellent – okay that clamp is going to do wonders for her obedience. See, one little tickle there and look at that, she can’t even stand up straight. On your feet girl, or I’ll do it again. Perfect!”

“You’re a miracle worker, you really are. And look at that, she’s starting to drip already! Let me just try something – now, girl, on your knees, and crawl over to suck your doctor’s cock, like a good girl.”

“Thank you Daddy! Thank you Doctor!”

“Wonderful, another wonderful inspection. You do excellent work! Now, what do I owe you?”

“I’ll happily take payment at one of those gangbangs I recommended … *groan* … And I’d love to try her ass, since that’s the last hole left for me ….”

“Of course doctor, it’ll be an honour to have you with us. I’ll leave you two alone for a moment, just send her out when you’re done. And doctor – feel free to take your time!”

Evening escapades


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Recently we went out for dinner to a new restaurant, which may I say was NOT worth the money we paid for it, but anyway, we were in a neighbourhood we’ve never been to before, and I guess the experience of being surrounded by new things inspired us to try something new. A bit of a bucket list moment, even. We were walking down a side street away from the main shopping strip, back to our car, and Master saw a park up ahead, with very little street lighting. A residential area, but it was late enough that lots of house lights were out too. Anyway, we wander down to the park, and there’s a playground there, so we walk around it, reminiscing about the playgrounds of our youth, and then Master pauses in a dark, back corner, pushes me to my knees, and unzips his pants. I do admit that I protested slightly, but he pointed out that if I talked any louder, surely someone would notice us and see what we were doing. As he spoke he pushed his cock into my mouth, and then held me in position, as he moved my head up and down on his cock, for what felt like an eternity.  I was SO NERVOUS that someone was going to see us and raise a ruckus! But with Master’s big hands on my head and facing into his groin, I guess I couldn’t really see much. We didn’t go for as long as I thought – Master didn’t even cum – but long enough for me to feel just how turned on he was getting. When he had had enough, he zipped up, pulled me onto my feet, and guided me back to the car. I was very giddy and lightheaded from the whole experience, and I think he knew it, because as soon as we were in the car, he was instructing me to finger myself the whole way home, and this time I didn’t protest for a second – I was so headspacey and just wanted to keep obeying. Swoon! He also told me that there were a couple of people who walked past, and they slowed down to watch for a second, and when I heard that, I felt almost nauseated to know how they saw me, and at the same time, a thrill of excitement in my stomach just picturing the scene. I guess knowing I was safe was the critical part. It was one of the hottest moments, and I love that Master pushed me to try it! I can’t wait to do it again 🙂 🙂