Open for requests


I’m still alive and kicking! Still happy with hubby. Just nowhere near enough kinky stuff going on in my life to be able to write about. Heaps of fantasies, just not much action! Oh well.

I do miss writing though, so very very much. So I’m officially open for requests – send through your fantasies by email or comment, and I’ll see what I can do. I’ll only write what I feel comfortable with of course.

Latest recurring fantasy


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Involves an ageplay Daddy figure training a youngster up until she’s ready to be given to her Master. In my fantasy the Daddy figure is some nameless faceless older man, very stern, who demands absolute obedience from his little girl, in order to train her absolutely perfectly. Her training involves a lot of time in a cage, on all fours in front of him, being fucked morning and night to ensure she never rests without realising her role as a good cunt. He teaches her to deepthroat, to swallow, to beg for cock, to be always naked in high heels so uncomfortable she prefers to be on her knees. She learns to welcome him home with her legs spread, and is scared to leave him for her new Master.

Because I’m a romantic, when she first meets her new Master, he takes the time to get to know her as a person, and they fall in love. Awww! But of course he realises that he can’t let her training lapse, as she will start refusing him and falling into bad habits. So he trains her twice as hard for the first few weeks, to make sure she doesn’t get lazy. He keeps her in the cage most of the day, with carefully positioned holes for fucking her through. He forces her to watchย videos of her and Daddy, and her and Master, whenever he’s out of the house, so she doesn’t forget her place. He keeps her holes plugged when he’s not home, and any sign of disobedience, even brattiness, is punished with breast torture and sensory deprivation and too big plugs and fucking machines. She (me? perhaps) learns to obey absolutely, not to risk any hesitation or questioning. And once he sees that love won’t get in the way of her obedience, he brings her out of the cage, and she can sleep in bed with him.ย In shackles, collar, fully plugged, and at the foot of the bed, but, in bed nonetheless.

He allows her to venture out of the bedroom, under his close supervision. Any time he’s sitting, she’s to give him oral, and any time he gets out of his seat, she’s to follow him on hands and knees. He brings her onto the couch with him periodically, watching TV and chatting about his day. Sometimes she eats at the table with him, sometimes she has to suck him off while he eats and only then does she get to eat, on the floor.

Checking in

Hello all! Sorry for no posts for a few months.

The latest on the sex front in my home is that it’s been rough and fast and pretty dirty. Master has been too tired and distracted for serious play, so we don’t have much time, and we don’t use many or any toys. The dynamic is still there though, I get wet within a second of him grabbing my breast, pinching my nipple, rolling me on my stomach and kneeling above me. There aren’t many words needed either, but they’re mighty powerful when needed. “I want to feel my cock at the back of your throat before you get to be fucked anywhere else, slut.” Sex has been taking about 20 min in total, which is pretty fast, and he’s been enjoying pulling out right at the end to cover my breasts or my face with cum; I’m panting and delirious from the fast pace, and then before I know it I’m feeling even more humiliated by how he’s treated me right to the end. It’s a very effective 20 minutes.

Tumblr, imagery, roles …


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I’ve been posting a lot on my Tumblr while home sick. I’ve been indulging in porn like crazy. I’ve been reminded of all the elements that turn me on and get me wet just thinking about them. And I’ve been thinking about how lucky I am to have a Master who has similar kinks and overall who believes in what I believe in.

Girls who are being fucked until they are in pain. Even if it’s just fake porn pain, though even better when it’s amateur BDSM couples like me and Master, videoing her training, particular anal training. The moments when she wants it to stop, and he calls her back to him – force is damned hot, but so is watching a little girl move her body back to her Master’s cock so that he can push it deep into her ass again, and the look on her face of painful concentration and dread – the look I know I have in the exact same situations. “Who owns this ass?” “You do, Master, it belongs to you.” The tone of his voice as he tells her she’s a good girl, and grips her around the hips and waist, pulls her to him, deeper onto his cock, the noises she makes as she resists, and then as he leans over her, fucking her ass faster now, one hand gripping the back of her neck, the other holding her ass in place, as he fucks her over and over, and she is squirming and moaning and he just keeps saying “good girl, feel that in your ass?” and other such endearments. I’ve found a few of those videos, and I LOVE them.

The still shots, often black and white, which shows a girl dressed very sexily, in a position which illuminates her absolute submission and powerlessness. Sexy dressing includes absolute nudity, stockings and garters, sky-high heels, rope bondage, little girl outfits, a glittering butt plug, cuffs, collars, gags, bondage straps. Positions often are head down, ass up, legs spread, fingers spreading pussies, mouth open, eyes closed. One of my favourite of these is the classic fully-dressed-Master who is receiving oral from his slave. Bonus points here for when his hand is tightly enmeshed in her hair, pinning her in place. Another favourite is her over his lap, him spanking or caressing her ass, or even better, gripping her firmly with fingers deep in her cunt or ass, or both. Holding her in place.

This all adds up to a girl’s role being to serve, submit, obey, give in. That’s what I try my hardest to do for my Master, my husband, and his non-stop libido! Such as last night, when my husband said to me “no slut, you can’t go to sleep yet, I haven’t finished with you. Get on your stomach and hold your asscheeks apart. I’m going to fuck your ass for a while.” So horrible, so excellent. “Why do you like what I do to you?” he asked me over and over again, making me get more and more specific, until he had me sobbing “because I’m a slut, Master, I’m a slut, I’m your slut.” “And you love cock.” “Your cock, Master.” “No, you love any cock. You would take any cock, you’re so hungry for it.” How mean is that! So mean that when he began fucking my cunt again, he pointed out how wet I had become just acknowledging that I’m nothing but a cock-hungry slut.

Which I am. Which is why even when I’m home sick, he’s finding plenty of opportunities to use the njoy on my ass, a killer vibe on my very sensitive clit, his cock in my cunt, and his cock in my ass. Which I think I’ll beg for tonight – more anal sex – because I’m a cock-hungry slut and I’m desperate to be treated like one.

We did manage to fuck…

…last night, thank gawd. It started with sexy touching, as y’do, and then progressed to him using the strong vibe on my clit til I thought I would die, then him fucking me, then us both collapsing, satiated and relieved that even through the haze of the plague I’m currently infected with, we can at least still fuck. Hooray for fucking!


Christ I have been so sick on and off over the past 6 weeks. Just disgusting. The sort of sick that makes any kind of dirty touching just repulsive. My njoy arrived at some point, and it took us 2 weeks before we could even use it. Then I got sick again. And I’m sick now. And I’m insanely horny, and unable to act on it. Yes, I’m bent over – but it’s over a toilet. And yes, I’m in bed – but I’m feverish. And my heavy breathing? Due to extremely congested sinuses.

That being said, the njoy is worth every penny. Feels very heavy inside, feels very controlling as he fucks my cunt while my ass is still being stretched. Some random quotes from the few times we’ve managed to have sex recently: (after I’ve begged ‘orange’ safeword from so much cunt-fucking) “… okay, now, on your stomach. I’m going to fuck your ass.” And then there was “I know my cock is choking you, and I just don’t care. I want to feel the back of your throat.”

Long week!

It has been! I got to be ass-fucked two nights in a row, absolutely loved it, I think the third night was also an ass-fucking and then butt plug for a while too, and it was all great, and then WORK exploded, and therefore stress exploded ๐Ÿ˜ฆ And all awesome sex was put on hold for two or three nights.

Now here we are on the weekend, and I am scanning Tumblr obsessively, getting turned on by the most horrific scenes of borderline non-consensual gang bangs and submissive girls being ass-fucked and shaved holes on display for Masters and gorgeous lingerie adorning cum-dripping pussies … and I do believe I’m going to have a wonderful night tonight ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

Last night’s ass-fucking …


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… happened, again. He tried something new – ben-wa balls in my cunt, and then his cock in my ass. We had to stop that as it just was not. going. to. work. So then I think he felt a bit frustrated by that failure, and so when he fucked my ass, he was particularly vicious. First the pushy, demanding fucking with the head of his cock while I squirmed and squealed. Then, the ‘hold the troublesome girl in place’ position, with him poised above me, and then plunging directly in (with lube thank god) as deep as he could go in one fell swoop. May I add, that was bloody deep, and then as he really got into abusing my ass, it was all I could do to hold on for the ride.

As we lay cuddling afterwards, he told me I wasn’t getting the butt plug overnight. I begged and begged for it but he just wouldn’t. I may have pouted.

Oh and the evening started with a lot of throat-fucking. “To the back of your throat, slut.” So I did. “And out”. I followed all the instructions to the letter. When I pulled off choking and coughing, he gave me 2 seconds to breathe, then he grabbed a fistful of my hair and put me right back where I belonged, and held me in place just long enough to remind me. “I didn’t say stop, slut.”

Oh and I think I have to start using the term ‘pussy’ rather than ‘cunt’ as now he’s calling me a cunt, which may I say just makes my pussy juices flow freely, as I really get off on being reduced to that simple, greedy little hole of mine. Or really, it’s his, he owns this pussy, and when I asked if I could touch myself to sleep, of course he said no. It’s his, not mine.

Now tonight I’m going to sleep exhausted right now while he is out. When he gets home, I wonder what will happen. I’m way too tired and need my sleep, badly. However, he is my Master and if he wants to take my ass, … let’s wait and see shall we.

Pleased to report …


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we turned off the tv last night, rolled over in bed, and he pulled me to him and began twisting and pinching at my nipples, which are insanely sensitive. i was shuddering and gasping, and he pushed his cock into my pussy, and began fucking me. irritatingly though he never really sped up and REALLY fucked me. i started to worry. perhaps he was bored of fucking me so frequently recently? maybe he was annoyed at having to fuck me again ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

he says to me “what do you want from me tonight?”

me – “stammer – stutter – stammer – ummmm”

he repeats – “what do you want?”

me – “two things … i want you to stop holding back and … i want you to fuck my ass … i want you to fuck my ass every night”

we discuss this for a bit, and then he flips me onto my stomach and proceeds to fuck me hard, deep, fast, etc etc …

then he pulls out, and immediately pushes the head of his cock into my ass. no lube, just my cunt juice. he fucks me quickly like that, not too much of his cock, but fast and rhythmic, i’m in the flow, it’s not too bad.

he pulls out again, gets the lube, and with a hand in the middle of my back pinning me to the bed, says “now i’m REALLY going to fuck you. you’re going to get this every night.” and he lunges right deep into my ass with his seriously fucking huge cock, so i scream, but he’s got my face in my pillow so i’m screaming and screaming into my pillow, he pulls out almost all the way then rams right back in.

and suddenly i just give in, i realise that this will be what i feel every night now, and i relax my ass, and give my hole to him, and spread my legs, he chuckles at me “what do you want, slut?”

“i want you to fuck my ass, please master please, fuck my ass”

he fucks and fucks and fucks me while i’m lying there limp and not resisting at all. finally he pulls out, and while i’m gasping for air and feeling my ass muscles spasming uncontrollably, he suddenly is pushing the metal bejewelled butt plug into me, and i pull away from him but he grabs a fistful of my hair and wrenches me backwards, and i’m trying to adjust and while i’m trying to get my balance back he rams the plug in, and says “that’s staying in all night”.

and it did … and i’m now going to turn off the computer and join him in bed. wish me luck. xoxoxoxo ass-slut, submissive-wife, whore, fucktoy …

What happens when a submissive wife says no?

If you were wondering, recently I did, because I was far too sore to take him in my cunt.

Let me just say, the next night, I was far too sore to take him deep in my throat, as well. But I was no fool – I never said no, and I made it through the night with my cunt wetter than ever.

Lesson is? This submissive wife should just stop trying to say no ๐Ÿ™‚ And just let it all burn…