A trip into town for little girl


What could this all look like? Well, you’ve already got that beautiful picture of a little girl, newly legal, newly trained, wearing sparkly sneakers, tartan miniskirt, welded collar and restraints, leash held by her Daddy, as she trots behind him through the town square.

Daddy sees an old friend of his, and stops to talk. Little girl immediately drops to her knees on the pavement, eyes downcast and mouth open. Daddy and his friend talk for a while, and her jaw starts to ache, but she doesn’t dare move. Daddy and her friend finish talking, and Daddy moves on. Little girl hops up and trots behind him.

Daddy passes some other friends of his, who greet him. Daddy doesn’t have time to stop, but he welcomes them to come over later tonight, and they tell him they’ll bring their girls too. Their two girls are currently lying on the ground, industriously sucking and licking at each other’s pussies.

Daddy walks on to the supermarket. He has a lot of shopping to do, so he clips little girl’s leash to the hitching post out front. Little girl drops to all fours with knees spread, and Daddy pats her on the head fondly. “Be good, little slut.” Daddy walks into the supermarket.

There’s another 3 girls waiting for their Daddies at the supermarket. One is waiting patiently. One has two men fucking her, one at her mouth and one at her pussy. The third has clearly just been fucked by them, as she’s calmly washing her mouth and pussy at the tap.

Our little girl carefully doesn’t stare at the other girls, and just looks at the ground in front of her. A man walks towards her, pauses, and looks at her. She can feel his glance on her. “Aw fuck it, I’ve got a few minutes still” he mutters to himself, as he unzips his fly and walks over to her. “Lube me up good” he orders as he pushes his cock into her mouth. He pumps into her a couple of times, then goes around behind her. She braces herself, and feels the head of his cock at her ass. He can’t quite get in, as she’s still quite tight there. “Fuck this, don’t you resist me you little bitch” he grunts at her, leaning over her back, grabbing a breast as it sways underneath her, and finally ramming his cock half-way into her ass. She gasps, and he chuckles. “You love it, admit it, say it you little whore”. “I love it Master, I love it!”

He fucks her ass quite happily for a few more minutes, then he must have realised the time, because he speeds up dramatically, fucking her so deep and hard she’s close to tears, but she doesn’t cry of course. He pulls out, sprays cum on her back, zips up his fly, and walks away, humming to himself.

Little girl takes a deep breath, turns on the tap, and wipes herself down with a towel. Dries herself off, then gets back into the same position, legs trembling a bit.

She breathes a silent sigh of relief when Daddy emerges from the supermarket before any other man comes upon her. He unclips her leash, and strides off with her stumbling behind him.

On their way back to Daddy’s truck, they pass about 5 men with 2 little girls. Daddy pauses to watch, and whistles quietly in admiration. “Fun!” He taps one of the men on the shoulder, and they have a quiet chat. Little girl hurriedly kneels on the ground with her mouth open. Daddy and the man come to an agreement, and Daddy takes the place of the man in the group of men. Lucky Daddy, he gets to step right up to one of the little girls and force her mouth down onto his cock. First though, he passes his little girl’s leash to the man he’s replaced.

That man looks at the little girl he’s just met. “Well, aren’t you a beauty,” he murmurs appreciatively. “I don’t think I would have made that swap. But I’m the lucky one aren’t I! Come with me.” And he walks her around the corner to a secluded space. Little girl immediately gets on all fours when they stop, but the man pulls her back up. “No, no, come on, you’re too pretty for that.” He pulls her inside the building, where there’s the usual furniture awaiting. He takes her to the bed, and lies her on her back.

“I’ve had all the sluts around here, and they’re pretty good, but I can see you’re special. New around here?”

Little girl nods, mutely.

“Good, I like you noobs, you’re so pretty and still a bit tight. But yeah, so pretty, and look at that cunt, mmmmmmmm I can see it’s tight. Oh baby. Oh fuck yeah.” And he’s easing his cock into her pussy, kissing her, playing with her nipples, and whispering into her ear how beautiful she is, and she’s surprised to find he’s actually making her wet, and she wraps her legs around his back, and he speeds up and fucks her harder, and harder, and he gags her with his hand when she starts moaning too loudly. “Yeah I can see you love it baby, I know what you need, you need my cock don’t you, come on, open up wider, take more and more” and he rams so deep she can’t believe how big he is, and she groans around his hand, and he smiles at her. “Wait til you take it in your ass little girl, you’re going to be begging for it to never stop.”

Half an hour later, she’s dripping cum from her pussy and her ass, and tears are sliding down her face, but when he pulls her to him for a kiss, she willingly opens her mouth for his tongue. “I love you little girls … I could do this all day long” he murmurs to her. “But you’re special. I know it, and you know it. I’m going to visit your Daddy later, and we’re going tag-team you til we make you bleed. You’re worth it.”

She shudders inside, but feels her pussy grow moist just at the thought.

He leads her back out on her leash, and her Daddy is pulling a little girl’s head back while fucking her in the ass, so that the other four Daddies can aim their cum on her face. Daddy is grunting and cheering them on, and when he pulls out, the little girl collapses on the ground, panting heavily. Her Daddy leans down and tickles her pussy with his finger. She giggles, and he laughs. Her Daddy straightens up and sees her standing there with the stranger. He waves happily, takes the leash back, and they continue along their day …

Little girl in public


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In their community, Daddy knows his little girl will always be safe in public. She can’t get lost, and if she goes for a wander, he can rely on any of his friends to pick her up and bring her home to him. Even a stranger will know where to deliver her, thanks to the dog tags on her welded collar.

Daddy does have some expectations for his little girl in public. He knows other men like their girls bratty and recalcitrant so they can humiliate them in public, and he doesn’t deny this can be very effective training! But for Daddy, it’s too much hard work for just a simple shopping or socialising trip. Daddy likes his girls to be polite, demure, and respectful – to him, and to all men in his community.

He never lets his girl wear panties in public, because, as he chides them if they forget, their holes are there for men, not to be covered up and hidden. He might let them wear a top, particularly if they’re doing something where bouncing breasts will just get in the way. But understandably, this is quite rare! After all, what could he possibly be doing which would be made worse by having easy access to a little girl’s breasts?

So, it’s usually a short skirt, and either sparkly sneakers or high heels. Of course she’ll have her personalised ankle and wrist restraints on at all time, and her collar, and her hair in a cute ponytail. Quite adorable, really!

And her behaviour? Keep up with Daddy’s walking pace, never let the leash get taut. Keep eyes fixed on Daddy’s back, don’t stare at other people or dawdle. Stop when Daddy stops, walk when Daddy walks. He shouldn’t have to give any instructions on walking.

If Daddy pauses to greet a friend, she’s to drop to her knees, stare at the ground in front of her, and open her mouth. If the friend chooses to fuck her mouth, it’s up to him – she’s to make no assumptions, therefore her mouth remains open until Daddy farewells him, at which point, she’s to stand up, close her mouth, and continue following Daddy.

If Daddy pauses to do some business, perhaps shopping or banking, he’ll usually clip her leash to a hitching post at the front of the store. She’s then to drop to all fours, knees wide apart, and keep that position until Daddy returns, or unless a man directs her to change her position, whether for his pleasure or just because she’s inconveniencing him.

If a man gives her any instructions, he’ll do so in two situations. One: after greeting Daddy. Two: when she’s at a hitching post. In either of these situations, she is to obey unconditionally and instantly. Daddy may choose to give her other directions, which obviously she must obey first. But otherwise, whatever instructions a man gives, she’s to follow.

Little girl is quite content to follow all these instructions, because she knows that she’ll be rewarded with some kind words from Daddy at the end of a successful trip in public.

Little girl outfits


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What would Daddy want her to wear? I’d like to think her clothing options are all carefully designed to remind her of her role, and Daddy’s expectations for her.

There would be very, very skimpy underpants, if any. The kind which ride right up in between butt cheeks and pussy lips, the kind which Daddy can grab and pull like a leash towards him. If there’s enough fabric, the panties might have something like “Daddy’s cock please!” written on them.

Little girls don’t really need bras, so she might have lightweight mesh ones that show her cute little nipples through them. More likely, she goes without a bra.

Very short skirts, and short shorts, would be the order of the day. I’m sure Daddy would like her in a little tartan schoolgirl skirt, long enough to cover her butt cheeks and short enough to not get in the way of a quick fuck over the back of the couch.

Her tops would be a mix. Very tight, low-cut numbers, particularly for when he’s taking her out in public and showing her off. But also loose billowy tops which are easy to pull the neckline down under her breasts, so he can play with them and offer them to his friends to fondle and enjoy.

Shoes should always have D-rings at their ankles, and should be a mix of astonishingly high heels (because Daddy does love seeing his little girl totter around!) and sensible sneakers with sparkly motifs.

I’m sure you can picture how this would look! Sparkly sneakers, string-style panties, tartan miniskirt, tight singlet so low-cut her nipples are almost on display. Just beautiful!!!

Teaching daddy’s little girl to take cock in her ass

Teaching a little girl to take daddy’s cock in her ass should be an interesting mix of easy and difficult. By now she is respectfully and appreciatively taking daddy’s cock in her mouth and her pussy at any time of the day. She doesn’t complain, she always says thank you, and she’s probably feeling pretty proud of herself. Daddy always can tell it’s the right time to start anal training, by how bored he’s getting!

Anal training may feel like a bit of a chore for her. Daddy wouldn’t start her with a small plug – he wants her to learn now that when a man decides he wants something, he does it for him and not with her comfort in mind.

So one day at a random time in the day, he beckons her over, bends her over his knee, spreads her ass cheeks, and drips some lube on her puckered little hole. She gasps with shock and he spanks her. “Shoosh little girl, I don’t want to hear any more noise out of you.” He grabs a medium sized butt plug, and starts to push it in. She rears up and bucks and struggles. He grabs a fistful of her hair and wrenches her face around. “You’ll be punished for this terrible attitude, later! Right now I want absolute silence! Do you understand me you little brat!” She sobs but nods. “Y-y-yes daddy.”

“Good, now shut up and take your training like a good girl.” He returns to the task at hand, and pushes firmly until the butt plug is swallowed up inside his little girl’s ass. She’s gasping quietly and crying under her breath.

He doesn’t care for all the tears, so he puts the hood on her, complete with penis-shaped gag, and blindfold. Hogties her too so she takes up less space, and puts her into a corner. He’ll come back for her when he’s ready.

Merry Christmas!

I hope yours was absolutely wonderful!

We had a lovely family time together, it was all so wholesome and vanilla with in-laws and the like …

I’m looking forward to getting home and giving Master a very special present. Not that he can’t just take whatever he wants from me, whenever he wants it 🙂 Maybe I’ll just wait til he’s settled in for a video gaming session, and then offer him endless hours of oral … Maybe I’ll beg him to fuck me the second he wakes up … Maybe I’ll ask him to pull the car over and tell him I need to be raped in my ass because I’ve been a very bad girl …

Merrrrry Christmas!!!

Positioning a little girl just right


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I’d like to imagine that daddy has some very helpful furniture in his little girl’s bedroom. Everything would have heaps of eyebolts and padding to keep her in position and relatively comfortable. There’d be a narrow bed that declines at one end so that daddy can easily straddle her and fuck her face down her throat. There’d be a reclining chair with separate rests for her legs so they can be separated and spread wide so daddy can easily walk up in between them and enjoy fucking her pussy. There’d be a suspension system where daddy can stand on one side and his friend can stand on the other, and they can fill her ass and her pussy simultaneously. There’d be a chair at the dinner table for her with a carefully positioned buttplug and dildo.

Bad little girl


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What do you do with a little girl like this one? It’s been 3 weeks, she’s had her pussy full of cock at least twice a day, every day, but she’s been such a brat! She complains whenever daddy takes the gag out of her mouth! He can scarcely keep her fed! She has to be kept restrained because she keeps trying to run. She squirms away from his cock. He certainly can’t trust her to take his cock in her mouth without biting. He’s spanked her til his arm is tired, he’s explained a million times why this is happening, he’s reminded her of the rules constantly. He’s withheld desserts, movie times, her favourite music. And nothing!

So at times like this, he turns to a very special bunch of friends. These men don’t have the patience for training little girls, they aren’t interested in his line of work. They are the fast and the furious, the hard and the rough. There’s a part of town where they do their work. All he has to do is drive the little girl there, tell her she’s set free to try it her way, and leave her in a certain street at a certain time of night. He lets her choose her outfit, so she’s usually dressed defiantly in long baggy pants and a baggy sweatshirt, showing no skin. She’ll see other men and women walking around, happily partnered up, now and then a little girl passes by on her leash, but the problem child snorts derisively and feels proud she’s finally independent. Daddy drives around the corner to the back of the building, to the apartment they keep wired for viewing. He settles down on an easy chair, turns on the tv, and waits.

Little girl starts down the street, and a man comes up to walk confidently beside her. She speeds up. So does he. She stops to cross the street. He grabs her by her arm. She tries to shake him off. Another man suddenly steps up and grabs her other arm. She yells for help. The men and women walking nearby will stop, look at her, and the men will make tsk tsk noises, shake their heads, the women will look at their men, and the men will walk them on. The daddy with the little girl on the leash pauses and whispers something in her ear. She stops and watches with wide eyes.

The two men pull the little girl back down the street and into a building. Nobody follows.

Inside there are 5 or 6 men already waiting. There’s a room with video cameras already on. There’s a mattress. There are ropes. There is a tray of knives and medical instruments.

The little girl starts screaming. The two men laugh, and tell her to keep going. The viewers love it. One of them smacks her hard across the face, and tells her that rough treatment is necessary for little girls who can’t be trained the normal way. She’s now in their care. She’s now so terrified that there’s no need for knives or anything fancy – they’re just for show, but she doesn’t know that. She tries to run, but is tripped up. They drag her towards the mattress, and the fun begins.

Daddy’s watching in the apartment above. He has estimated it’ll take 11 minutes for her to break.

He’s mildly pleased to see he was wrong. It’s only 4 minutes in, and she’s already crying for her daddy. Being fucked by two strange men is too much for her. Daddy tsks tsks to himself. A well trained little girl would take that in her stride and be quite proud. She’d lay back on the bed, spread her own legs, and say thank you demurely after each fuck.

At 4 minutes and 30 seconds, daddy walks into the room. He’s welcomed like a brother by the men in there. They immediately let go of the little girl and step back. Daddy walks over to her and looks at her tear-streaked face. She stumbles, grabs for him, clings to his legs as he pushes her head firmly down. When she’s on her knees, he clicks the leash onto her collar. “Thank you gentlemen, it’s always a pleasure!”

Within 10 minutes of being set free, she’s been an independent girl, been stripped naked in a room of strange men, fucked by two of them, fondled by all of them, and now she’s back with her daddy, thanking him over and over again for taking her back. They get in the cab of his pick-up and drive home. When they arrive home, daddy takes her straight to the bedroom. “Get on your back, spread your legs, and ask politely.”

“Please daddy, please fuck me with your cock? I really want it please!”

He can see the tear streaks on her face, and he kisses them away as he slowly pushes his cock deep into her sore, torn pussy …

And she thanks him for it.

Teaching a little girl


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I’d like to imagine that daddy has been around a bit. He’s had many little girls go through his home, he’s been responsible for teaching them and training them and then sending them off into happy relationships with other men who prefer their girls to be ready and willing the second they arrive. Daddy’s a bit different. He’s more realistic, he knows the hard work that goes into getting a little girl ready and willing! He’s had girls who gave up and went back to their old lives. He’s had girls who took years until they were ready. He’s had girls who were so eager to please he was almost sad to give them up.

So daddy has a whole arsenal of tools and techniques at the ready. He can handle any little girl drama that comes his way. He spends his days and nights teaching and training them, so nothing shocks him now.

(Incidentally, I suspect daddy also has a long term partner who is super grown up and sexy and loves him dearly, who is submissive and at the same time has a personality and a will all her own. The two of them spend heaps of time together whenever they can.)

So if his new little girl cries and cries and cries after daddy pushes his cock deep inside her for the first time, daddy will let her cry, and then afterwards snuggle up on the couch with her to watch her favourite movie. If she doesn’t want to snuggle, he’ll calmly restrain her at the wrists and ankles, and wrap her in a big bear hug. If she yells and screams, he’ll calmly fix a ball gag in her mouth. If she continues to struggle, he will put her over his knee and spank her for a very, very long time. And then, he will still wrap her in a bear hug, and snuggle her on the couch. And the whole time he’ll remind her how it’s up to her to fix her attitude, and that he has way more patience than her.

If his new little girl begs him the next morning to not fuck her, he’ll calmly gag her, restrain her, and fuck her anyway. He’ll explain to her that this is actually for her own good, he’ll rub her clit and point out how her pussy is getting wet, he’ll slick her wet slit and tell her how good she tastes, and he’ll slowly, methodically, push his cock deep inside her, while staring deep into her eyes.

Then again, if it’s been a few weeks and she’s still complaining, daddy won’t be quite as calm and reassuring…

Daddy little girl …

After the first time daddy fucks his little girl, and she sees a cock for the first time, she will have a lot to mentally process. It’s super important that daddy helps her understand what has happened, correctly. The next day he should continue with more lessons to reinforce everything.

Perhaps when she wakes up the next morning, daddy is spreading her legs wide and pushing his cock inside her already. Perhaps he makes her ask politely for his cock before she’s allowed breakfast.

(Excuse me, but I’m turning myself on so much with this, I have to go and shave my pussy extra smooth for tonight’s fuckfest with my husband. BRB!)