Merry Christmas!

I hope yours was absolutely wonderful!

We had a lovely family time together, it was all so wholesome and vanilla with in-laws and the like …

I’m looking forward to getting home and giving Master a very special present. Not that he can’t just take whatever he wants from me, whenever he wants it 🙂 Maybe I’ll just wait til he’s settled in for a video gaming session, and then offer him endless hours of oral … Maybe I’ll beg him to fuck me the second he wakes up … Maybe I’ll ask him to pull the car over and tell him I need to be raped in my ass because I’ve been a very bad girl …

Merrrrry Christmas!!!

Positioning a little girl just right


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I’d like to imagine that daddy has some very helpful furniture in his little girl’s bedroom. Everything would have heaps of eyebolts and padding to keep her in position and relatively comfortable. There’d be a narrow bed that declines at one end so that daddy can easily straddle her and fuck her face down her throat. There’d be a reclining chair with separate rests for her legs so they can be separated and spread wide so daddy can easily walk up in between them and enjoy fucking her pussy. There’d be a suspension system where daddy can stand on one side and his friend can stand on the other, and they can fill her ass and her pussy simultaneously. There’d be a chair at the dinner table for her with a carefully positioned buttplug and dildo.

Bad little girl


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What do you do with a little girl like this one? It’s been 3 weeks, she’s had her pussy full of cock at least twice a day, every day, but she’s been such a brat! She complains whenever daddy takes the gag out of her mouth! He can scarcely keep her fed! She has to be kept restrained because she keeps trying to run. She squirms away from his cock. He certainly can’t trust her to take his cock in her mouth without biting. He’s spanked her til his arm is tired, he’s explained a million times why this is happening, he’s reminded her of the rules constantly. He’s withheld desserts, movie times, her favourite music. And nothing!

So at times like this, he turns to a very special bunch of friends. These men don’t have the patience for training little girls, they aren’t interested in his line of work. They are the fast and the furious, the hard and the rough. There’s a part of town where they do their work. All he has to do is drive the little girl there, tell her she’s set free to try it her way, and leave her in a certain street at a certain time of night. He lets her choose her outfit, so she’s usually dressed defiantly in long baggy pants and a baggy sweatshirt, showing no skin. She’ll see other men and women walking around, happily partnered up, now and then a little girl passes by on her leash, but the problem child snorts derisively and feels proud she’s finally independent. Daddy drives around the corner to the back of the building, to the apartment they keep wired for viewing. He settles down on an easy chair, turns on the tv, and waits.

Little girl starts down the street, and a man comes up to walk confidently beside her. She speeds up. So does he. She stops to cross the street. He grabs her by her arm. She tries to shake him off. Another man suddenly steps up and grabs her other arm. She yells for help. The men and women walking nearby will stop, look at her, and the men will make tsk tsk noises, shake their heads, the women will look at their men, and the men will walk them on. The daddy with the little girl on the leash pauses and whispers something in her ear. She stops and watches with wide eyes.

The two men pull the little girl back down the street and into a building. Nobody follows.

Inside there are 5 or 6 men already waiting. There’s a room with video cameras already on. There’s a mattress. There are ropes. There is a tray of knives and medical instruments.

The little girl starts screaming. The two men laugh, and tell her to keep going. The viewers love it. One of them smacks her hard across the face, and tells her that rough treatment is necessary for little girls who can’t be trained the normal way. She’s now in their care. She’s now so terrified that there’s no need for knives or anything fancy – they’re just for show, but she doesn’t know that. She tries to run, but is tripped up. They drag her towards the mattress, and the fun begins.

Daddy’s watching in the apartment above. He has estimated it’ll take 11 minutes for her to break.

He’s mildly pleased to see he was wrong. It’s only 4 minutes in, and she’s already crying for her daddy. Being fucked by two strange men is too much for her. Daddy tsks tsks to himself. A well trained little girl would take that in her stride and be quite proud. She’d lay back on the bed, spread her own legs, and say thank you demurely after each fuck.

At 4 minutes and 30 seconds, daddy walks into the room. He’s welcomed like a brother by the men in there. They immediately let go of the little girl and step back. Daddy walks over to her and looks at her tear-streaked face. She stumbles, grabs for him, clings to his legs as he pushes her head firmly down. When she’s on her knees, he clicks the leash onto her collar. “Thank you gentlemen, it’s always a pleasure!”

Within 10 minutes of being set free, she’s been an independent girl, been stripped naked in a room of strange men, fucked by two of them, fondled by all of them, and now she’s back with her daddy, thanking him over and over again for taking her back. They get in the cab of his pick-up and drive home. When they arrive home, daddy takes her straight to the bedroom. “Get on your back, spread your legs, and ask politely.”

“Please daddy, please fuck me with your cock? I really want it please!”

He can see the tear streaks on her face, and he kisses them away as he slowly pushes his cock deep into her sore, torn pussy …

And she thanks him for it.

Teaching a little girl


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I’d like to imagine that daddy has been around a bit. He’s had many little girls go through his home, he’s been responsible for teaching them and training them and then sending them off into happy relationships with other men who prefer their girls to be ready and willing the second they arrive. Daddy’s a bit different. He’s more realistic, he knows the hard work that goes into getting a little girl ready and willing! He’s had girls who gave up and went back to their old lives. He’s had girls who took years until they were ready. He’s had girls who were so eager to please he was almost sad to give them up.

So daddy has a whole arsenal of tools and techniques at the ready. He can handle any little girl drama that comes his way. He spends his days and nights teaching and training them, so nothing shocks him now.

(Incidentally, I suspect daddy also has a long term partner who is super grown up and sexy and loves him dearly, who is submissive and at the same time has a personality and a will all her own. The two of them spend heaps of time together whenever they can.)

So if his new little girl cries and cries and cries after daddy pushes his cock deep inside her for the first time, daddy will let her cry, and then afterwards snuggle up on the couch with her to watch her favourite movie. If she doesn’t want to snuggle, he’ll calmly restrain her at the wrists and ankles, and wrap her in a big bear hug. If she yells and screams, he’ll calmly fix a ball gag in her mouth. If she continues to struggle, he will put her over his knee and spank her for a very, very long time. And then, he will still wrap her in a bear hug, and snuggle her on the couch. And the whole time he’ll remind her how it’s up to her to fix her attitude, and that he has way more patience than her.

If his new little girl begs him the next morning to not fuck her, he’ll calmly gag her, restrain her, and fuck her anyway. He’ll explain to her that this is actually for her own good, he’ll rub her clit and point out how her pussy is getting wet, he’ll slick her wet slit and tell her how good she tastes, and he’ll slowly, methodically, push his cock deep inside her, while staring deep into her eyes.

Then again, if it’s been a few weeks and she’s still complaining, daddy won’t be quite as calm and reassuring…

Daddy little girl …

After the first time daddy fucks his little girl, and she sees a cock for the first time, she will have a lot to mentally process. It’s super important that daddy helps her understand what has happened, correctly. The next day he should continue with more lessons to reinforce everything.

Perhaps when she wakes up the next morning, daddy is spreading her legs wide and pushing his cock inside her already. Perhaps he makes her ask politely for his cock before she’s allowed breakfast.

(Excuse me, but I’m turning myself on so much with this, I have to go and shave my pussy extra smooth for tonight’s fuckfest with my husband. BRB!)


More on daddy/little girl


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I suspect the first time this newly legal little girl sees her daddy’s cock, she could be quite scared. He could make it all very fun and games – “look it’s like a lollipop! yummy!” – but I’d like to think that a daddy takes his role very seriously – that when she leaves his care, she shouldn’t expect sex to be fun and games, but rather she understands that a man will always dictate the rules of engagement, and she must submit above all else.

That’s a lot of responsibility. I’d like to think that when he disrobes and shows her his cock, he does so in a stern and commanding way – that she is immobilised, unable to run away and hide like a brat in a corner – that she is gagged so she doesn’t complain or ask silly questions. She would be spreadeagled on a bed, naked, gagged, head positioned with the use of a posture collar and chains. He kneels above her, shows her his cock, and simply says something like “this is what every man has – and this is what you will accept from every man. starting with me.”

He should rub it all over her face and her body. She should feel every angle, every sensation. He should remind her constantly of what this means – it isn’t a game, it isn’t a lollipop – “this is my cock, and as you are my little girl, I’ll be giving it to you however I want, whenever I want. Get used to it. Be a good girl, and don’t complain. Learn how it works, and how to use your body to make my cock very very happy.”

By the time he’s down at her pussy, I think he would be covered in pre-cum, and that would lubricate her well enough for him to push his cock slowly, calmly, deep into her virginal pussy. “This may or may not make you feel good. You’ll learn how to do that over time. Right now you’ve got one lesson: daddy’s cock belongs in your body.”

I think he should take her gag out and take off the posture collar, kiss her deeply over and over again, push his tongue into her mouth as his cock pushes into her pussy, whisper calming words to her, “you are doing very very well, your pussy definitely likes daddy’s cock, you’re a very good little pussy”, reminding her that right now she is her pussy and nothing more, nothing less.

He should play with her nipples, because he likes to, and kiss her, and continue to methodically drive his cock deep inside her body, over and over again, and continue to tell her how good she’s doing, how glad he is that she is his little girl. When he is about to cum, he should look deep into her eyes, and tell her that she’s done such an amazing job, he’s going to give her his cum. Continual reinforcing that when she accepts a cock inside her body, she’s being a very good little girl.

After he cums, she learns how to lick his cock and balls clean, and then when he unties her, she gets to kneel at his feet and say thank you.

What a lovely way to introduce a little girl to her daddy’s cock, and to prepare her for her life as a little girl in a man’s world!

Been away …

Didn’t have time to post here any more and didn’t want to have to worry about the site, so I made it private. Now I still don’t have time and I still don’t want to worry, but I do love sharing! My sex life right now is pretty quiet, we have been quite lazy … but I’m happy to share my fantasies too!

my dream as a submissive wife


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the dream rules:

  1. she will obey every command of her husband and master no matter what, no matter where, no matter when
  2. she will wear nothing more than a bra, a g-string or mesh panties, and stiletto shoes.
  3. she will never refuse her husband and master the use of any of her three fuck holes for whatever purpose
  4. she will service (sexually and otherwise) any male her husband and master directs her to, and never refuse the use of any of her three fuck holes for any such male
  5. she will greet her husband and master at the door any time he returns home, in one of three positions: on her hands and knees with her ass and cunt facing the door with no panties or g-string on; on her knees, spread, facing the door with her mouth open and hands on her head; on her back with no panties or g-string on, pulling her legs back to each side of her torso, so her holes are open
  6. she will not move from that position until directed to do so, regardless of any discomfort, and regardless of whether more people than just her husband and master walk through the door
  7. when her husband and master is relaxing on a seat, she will kneel at his feet awaiting any command, if no command comes then she may relax at his feet
  8. when her husband and master taps his thigh twice in her presence, she must stop whatever she is doing, get on all fours, crawl to him, and immediately service him orally
  9. she will swallow any cum she receives in her mouth, from whoever gives it to her
  10. she will always thank her master after she completes any sexual service for him
  11. she will similarly thank any other male who she completes a sexual service for
  12. after a man takes his cock out of her cunt, she will open her mouth wide to receive it and clean it thoroughly
  13. she will thank her husband and master whenever he plugs her cunt or ass before leaving the house
  14. she will accept that as a sex slave, she is of service only when a male is present, and therefore in any situation where there is no male present, she will be restrained and used in such a way to benefit a male on his return – e.g. holes stretched with a fucking machine
  15. she will accept that her service to her husband and master may be financial, and therefore any money she receives for performing sexual services, will belong to her husband and master
  16. she will accept that as a sex slave to her husband and master, he may decide that she is of best service to him by offering her fuck holes to other males and being paid for it, i.e. being a whore for him, and she will both accept and appreciate her role as being in use for many males
  17. when in public with her husband and master, she will accept that she may be called upon to service him or any other male at any time, and therefore she will not hesitate to do anything asked of her, e.g. strip, crawl, service orally vaginally or anally
  18. if she disobeys, hesitates, argues, complains or otherwise does not fulfil her role as a submissive wife and sex slave, she accepts that her husband and master has total right to punish her in whatever way he sees fit, and that he will still retain ownership of her no matter what form of punishment he chooses
  19. she will keep her cunt and ass clean, hairless and smooth and ready for her husband and master at any time
  20. she will remember her position in her marriage, and she will take joy in being naked, humiliated, fucked, abused, shared, rented, ignored, hurt, or any similar experience which would otherwise be considered negative
  21. she will remember that at all times her husband and master loves her, and owns her

anal sex like the sex slave i am


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he was fucking my cunt pretty hard, for quite a while, and i got to the point where even without his hand on the back of my neck and the other one gripping my hips, i would have just stayed in position and not argued – i was deep in the submissive slave headspace, i was feeling the head of his cock ram against my cervix so hard and i was taking it all. suddenly he pulled out, and i made that little slave noise of disappointment and exhaustion, the “oh no are you stopping treating me like a fuckhole? why?” noise. he laughed and told me that he was going to fuck me in the ass. i gasped out “no, it’ll hurt!” and he said quite calmly “yes of course it will, and you’ll thank me for it”.

“yes master, thank you master” i said, and closed my eyes, and sank further into slavespace.

“up on your knees. face down. down.” he pushes my face down into the mattress, and then taps on the back of my head. i quickly put my hands in position, lace my fingers together. my breasts are pressed flat into the mattress, and my ass is high up in the air. “legs apart. now.” i spread them further, knees splayed. he lines his cock up with my ass, and pushes in. i instinctively pull away. he grabs me by the hips again, rams me back up against him, and pushes further and harder in. i squeal. “no, what should you say?” he asks me.

“thank you master” i manage to say around my noises of pain. his cock is pushing deeper and faster every time, he’s not easing me into it, he’s just taking what’s his, when and how he wants it. before too long he tells me i’ve taken all of his cock, and he’s moving faster and faster. then again, he pulls out.

“i’m going to REALLY fuck you now. i’m going to get lube.” he grabs the bottle from the bedside table. “spread your ass open for me.” with one hand on each ass cheek, i spread them until i feel my ass gape open for him. i wince with humiliation. he drips lube onto me, and then bats my hands away. i put them back in position. he pushes me down flat onto my stomach, pins me down, spreads my legs with him between them, and then pushes his cock back into my ass. this time with the lube, it goes in easily, but hurts even more because my body doesn’t have even a chance to adjust. i start making some sort of noise that’s half scream, half moan, and he pushes my face into the mattress again and begins really fucking me, like he had threatened. it’s like being fucked in my cunt – fast and fluid and deep and hard and neverending and yet i know it’s his massive cock in my tiny tight little ass. he tells me as much – reminds me of how small i am, how tight and good it feels on his cock – he pulls my head up by my hair and i remember to gasp out “thank you master” as he slams back into me and puts all his weight on me, “give it all to me” he says and i obey immediately, letting my body sag and relax and he manages to get even deeper, i don’t know how, and he’s fucking me like crazy, it’s hurting like crazy and i know he doesn’t care, he’s enjoying every moment of humiliating and using and abusing me, and he knows i love it too. when he pulls out for good, i immediately say “thank you master”, and i mean it.